From 360-degree cameras to advanced mobile-powered virtual reality headsets, a new generation of technology is transforming how the Department of Defense approaches training.

While I was at AFCEA West, I spoke with Peter Park, Senior Manager, Samsung Federal Government Business, about how the DoD is shifting from live training to immersive solutions like VR. Protected by Samsung Knox, the Samsung Gear VR is now the most secure option for training the next generation of warfighters.

“Now, you can not only provide one-to-one training, but you can actually provide one to many training,” Park said. By having an entire group of people watching the same exact simulation, you are changing the way people learn.

Another exciting new technology transforming DoD training is Samsung’s 360 Round, a camera that captures and streams high-quality stereoscopic VR content and uses 17 lenses to create immersive, engaging 360 video.

For the military, the 360 Round lets personnel, soldiers, marine and airmen train wherever they are located. “With this technology, this camera not only enables the military to do it at a much lower cost,” said Josh Dixon, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Products, Samsung Electronics America. “But they can also bring in a camera, capture the content and play it back immediately.” The benefit is that instead of taking nine months to a year to produce a system, build a system and deploy a system, it can be done instantaneously.

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