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Small Business Solutions Help Tamarack Aerospace Group’s Productivity Soar

With employees traveling the globe to meet with customers, getting the right small business solutions to enable optimal mobile productivity was challenging for Tamarack Aerospace Group. However, by partnering with Samsung, Amazon and RedNight on a pilot program, Tamarack and its employees found a whole new — and more productive — way to work.

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 devices equipped with the S Pen and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tamarack employees participating in the pilot program gained a heightened ability to work anywhere using only their mobile devices. The Samsung DeX station allows employees to travel with just their mobile device — transforming it into a full desktop-like experience simply by plugging it into a the station, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The S Pen also makes it easier to work from anywhere — with the ability to sign documents and take notes right on the device. On the backend, Amazon Web Services speeds up troubleshooting for IT by providing remote access to address technical issues instead of needing the device physically onsite. For employees, having a cloud platform provided a consistent experience across all devices, streamlining their workflow and further boosting their productivity when not at their desk.

Even switching from other devices, including iOS devices, was easy using Samsung Smart Switch, with employees making the switch in just minutes. “Everyone was comfortable with their new phones within days,” noted Leonard Wilson, Tamarack’s IT manager.

Watch the video to learn more about how Samsung small business solutions has created a better, more productive work environment for Tamarack.

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