Making the move to Amazon Web Services for Tamarack, an aerospace engineering and aircraft modification company, has opened up new possibilities for its employees — especially those who spend a lot of time on the road.

A virtualized desktop product, Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) creates a corporate standardized desktop experience that is consistent across all devices — laptops, mobile phones and even tablets. Mobile employees can even access their desktop remotely from any monitor, simply by docking their Samsung Galaxy Note8 devices in the Samsung DeX platform.

“People are more efficient working in their own environment,” says Leonard Wilson, IT manager at Tamarack. “AWS Cloud gives you the ability to have everything arranged the way you always work, with your icons and apps placed where you like them whether you’re working on someone else’s laptop, a mobile device or on the [DeX] mobile virtual desktop.”

Wilson also noted the AWS management console has provided him with better control over the company’s workstations. He no longer needs physical access to the devices to troubleshoot issues. This is especially helpful when employees are traveling since they can get issues resolved on the road, and reduce workflow disruptions.

Watch the video to learn more about why embracing cloud-based solutions has created a better, more productive work environment for Tamarack.

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