Wearables, IoT, artificial intelligence.

All of these were big topics at HIMSS 2018, but what technology has the staying power to impact this industry for the next five years?

To answer this question, I spoke with industry experts, executives and influencers while on the ground in Las Vegas. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m really excited about machine learning technology,” said Jim Willenbring, senior marketing director at Medtronic. “I think [machine learning is] going to have the biggest impact in the next five years. How do we get people out of the middle and harness machine learning to help us with that?”

There was also discussion about tapping into products that consumers are already using — like smartwatches and tablets — and leveraging that technology to provide better care not just in hospitals, but in every facet of people’s lives.

“The expansion of IoT in the home [really excites me],” said Bill Paschall, VP of development at Vivify Health. He’s interested in seeing how healthcare companies create apps that integrate into the voice-controlled devices already in consumers’ homes.

My prediction? Any technology that makes our lives easier will have staying power.

Watch the video for more tech insights from healthcare industry experts.