One of the biggest areas of the telehealth and digital health space is remote patient monitoring, which collects data from patients in their homes or other non-clinical settings using digital technology and transmits this information to the patient’s healthcare provider. Providers can then review and assess the information and deliver recommendations to their patients.

The goal is to increase care while decreasing the costs and inconveniences often associated with healthcare.

Vivify Health is one of the leading companies in this space, and I was excited to speak with executives from their team while on the ground at HIMSS 2018 about how Vivify’s work with Samsung is helping to bridge this gap between physicians and patients.

“Vivify started out initially tackling the high-risk population,” said Robin Hill, vice president of clinical services at Vivify Health. “Now, we’re allowing our customers to cover a larger population. We have some very unique user-facing solutions that allow patients to use their own technology, such as their Samsung phones.”

By allowing people to use the phones and tablets that they’re already comfortable with at home, they’re more likely to use remote patient monitoring and stay connected with their caretaker.

An evolution of remote patient monitoring has taken place over the last two decades. It started with hard-to-manage, expensive devices placed in people’s homes — but as the technology has improved, so has the market.

“Vivify was the first to take consumer electronics like Samsung phones and combine them with Bluetooth personal health devices from other manufacturers, plus a cloud-based solution so everything is easily accessible by customers for patient use,” said Bill Paschall, vice president of business development at Vivify Health. “This is now the standard.”

Vivify has plans to expand its features and functionalities — including analytics and dashboard tools — in the coming year, so stay tuned to our channels for the latest news.

Watch the video to learn more about Samsung and Vivify’s remote patient monitoring initiative.

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