Healthcare costs are one of the biggest pain points — pun intended — not just for patients, but providers as well. While at HIMSS 2018, I spoke with Samsung’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. David Rhew, about how virtual medicine can help reduce these costs, while also increasing access to care.

“We’re enabling individuals to use virtual medicine tools like telemedicine to be able to better communicate with their providers,” Rhew said.

As an example, if a patient needs to check in with a nurse or a doctor, they could participate in a virtual face-to-face session using a secure app and their phone. Instead of having to take time out of your workday to sit in a doctor’s office waiting room, you can take fifteen minutes, connect directly with your provider and move on with everything else you have to get done.

And there’s more.

According to Dr. Rhew, “we’re really seeing some great impact with virtual coaching tools for [chronic conditions] like diabetes management.” The results are promising, too — clinical trials have shown that this can lead to better health outcomes for patients as well.

As someone who is always traveling and on the go from city to city, telemedicine also sounds like a great option for regular business travelers or consultants. Scheduling nightmares go away, but your health doesn’t have to fall by the wayside.

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