The number of hacking instances in business was on the rise in 2017 — and unfortunately, that trend isn’t likely to change in 2018. In healthcare, an industry constantly striving for innovation, that shouldn’t result in leaving sensitive patient data at risk.

This month, I had a chance to ask HIMSS attendees in Las Vegas what they think digital health executives need to consider when it comes to security in 2018.

“The number one answer around security is you can never have enough,” said Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp. “No matter how safe your systems are, they need to be safer.”

While wearables, phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices are great solutions that can increase access to care and lower costs simultaneously, it means there are more things to hack than ever before.

“All of that is meaningful information for the health record, and we want to protect it,” said Samsung’s Dr. David Rhew. “We can protect [the data] at a device level using a secure platform like Samsung Knox.”

Watch the video for more security insights from industry experts.