A big challenge for IT is making sure only authorized users are accessing business data. Today we’re seeing authentication methods, like biometrics, being leveraged more broadly to make verification increasingly secure, convenient and scalable for business.

In this episode, we dive into the impact that biometric innovation is having on digital identity and data security management. As biometric authentication becomes a critical factor in the new security ecosystem, this security authentication method raises new questions about how digital identities will be defined and applied across the business landscape. Our guests explain what all this means for enterprise IT.

Podcast guests:

  • Janice Kephart, Owner and Partner at Identity Strategy Partners, LLP (@janicekephart )
  • Ashwin Krishnan, Speaker, Board advisor, Cybersecurity Podcaster, Author, Blogger (@acekrish)

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

2:35 The meaning of digital identity
6:47 How biometric authentication works
8:55 The impact of biometrics on the broader security field
9:30 Balancing security and innovation
13:56   Identity management and block chain
19:32 Industries leading the way in biometrics
25:30 Security challenges associated with biometrics
28:40 Biometrics and app security
29:47 Suggestions for securing security budget
33:05 The most exciting possibilities for biometric authentication
37:36 Books recommended for security professionals
39:14 Thought leaders to follow
41:50 Last word of advice on biometric authentication
43:06 Best career advice

Books and events recommended in this episode:

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