Advances in police technology are providing new capabilities and improving situational awareness for officers, regardless of their assignment.

To protect the public and respond to dangerous, unpredictable situations, police officers need to exit their vehicles without sacrificing connectivity and move with their hands-free and heads up, as Reg Jones, Samsung’s Public Sector Sales and Solutions Director, explains in this video.

Wearable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch can transmit valuable alerts to keep officers informed without reducing mobility or speaking over the radio — but that’s just one of the benefits. Smartwatches also improve command awareness of resources in the field. GPS tracking shows where every officer is at all times and monitors their physical signs and even their physical position, so command knows when an officer is in pursuit or whether they have fallen.

Samsung is collaborating with leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software providers to bring new and exciting capabilities to wearables.

Combining the capabilities of a wearable with an in-vehicle CAD solution driven by Samsung DeX can improve communication between dispatch and officers in the field, and ensure public safety personnel maintain anytime, anywhere access to mission-essential information.

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