Wearable Technology Sets Magna on the Road to Becoming a Smart Factory

Magna International Inc. is the third largest global automotive parts supplier, headquartered in Canada, supplying OEMs in 29 countries and 4 continents around the world from its 300+ manufacturing divisions. One of its Canadian plants was looking for a way to enhance its continuous improvement culture while moving towards a smart factory environment.

Wearable technology has helped Magna achieve both goals. “We were trying to create a system that could expose wastes more clearly and be more intuitive than our current reactive processes,” says Darren Charbonneau, director of operational improvement at one of Magna’s manufacturing groups.

After talking with several tech companies, the plant enlisted Samsung due to their global expertise in several industries and comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. The Gear S3 smartwatch was picked as an initial product solution.

In addition to moving from a reactive to a much more proactive approach when dealing with issues at the manufacturing plant, the infrastructure implemented with this solution has provided the base technology for other smart factory improvement projects and phased improvements, which will provide the plant an advantage over many of their competitors going forward.

Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of wearable technology for manufacturers.

From manufacturing and management to healthcare and hospitality, see how wearables are transforming the workplace.

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