When it comes to pursuing digital transformation, law enforcement agencies face significant constraints. These include budget, the environment in which officers operate and outside regulations. However, the evolution of mobile technology is also opening up significant new opportunities in public safety.

What are the biggest opportunities for agencies today when it comes to leveraging mobile? I spoke with John Whitehead from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure about the first step in the journey: making sure we get data in the hands of officers.

Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) is a suite of incident management software that includes call handling, dispatching, intelligent mapping, field communications and data reporting. The Intergraph Mobile Responder app brings I/CAD capabilities to officers’ smartphones, providing them with critical information in the field.

“As officers are responding to calls, it’s important to make sure the data they receive is real-time and actionable,” Whitehead said. “That way, it’s in their hands when they need it.”

It’s no surprise that younger recruits to various public safety sectors are often digital-native, having grown up on mobile technology. While increasing mobility offerings may seem like a big leap, for this younger generation of recruits, it feels completely natural.

“They’re comfortable with [smartphones], and it’s second nature to have that device in their hands — so as information is passed through, we get it out to the officers, and they’re absolutely comfortable with that format,” added Whitehead. “To me, it’s a necessary item to make sure they have that data when needed.”

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