What would your office look like if you took the latest audiovisual technologies … and recreated your entire ecosystem? Would there be more conference rooms, huddle spaces and best-in-class solutions for video conferencing with teammates around the world? Are you pro open floor plan, or loyal to the cubicle?

Dan Barron oversees brand development at HB Communications, an AV company that regularly brings customers into their offices. When HB began renovating its own office space, they realized there was an opportunity to show solutions in action to the customers who would be using them.

“We had demo spaces and all of these environments, but we never really had the opportunity to say ‘we’re our own customer now,'” said Barron. “If we sell all of these technologies, collaborations, digital signage and different ways of connecting offices and spaces — we need to live [them].”

From there, HB Communications redesigned its headquarters with this mindset at the forefront of their work, leading to the Audiovisual Ecosystem. This holistic approach to applying AV technology was created to highlight the ways AV technology can truly transform business. Samsung was a partner in this project, and HB leveraged an eight-by-four videowall known as the Wormhole, as well as other collaboration spaces to deliver a high-impact experience through digital displays.

“[The redesign] has completely enhanced communication in our organization,” added Barron. “Now, with this space and the focus on design, people can see it, they can feel it, and things like the Samsung videowall are expansive — they suck you in.”

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