The right app in the hands of employees can transform business models, improve productivity and even improve training and retention. But what goes into developing a successful application with a truly innovative user interface?

This episode’s guests focus on how recent advancements in image recognition (IR) and machine learning (ML) technology are enabling productivity-enhancing mobile applications for businesses. We discuss the impact of these technologies on the mobile device ecosystem, as well as enterprise app developers. We also explore the implications for business users and IT admins employing advanced IR- and ML-enabled devices.

Podcast guests:

  • Jared Ficklin, Partner and Chief Creative Technologist, Argodesign (@jaredrawk)
  • Chris White, Founder and CEO, The Sneakers Agency (@sneakersagency

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

1:20 What the mobile economy means for business and IT leadership
4:13 What “mobile innovation” really means
5:45 Exciting applications that the audience should know about
6:12 The latest immersive technologies changing the game for application developers 
8:30 How AR and AI are enhancing the user experience now and 10 years from now
12:24   What device interaction looks like 10-20 years down the road
16:35 Primary considerations for designing the killer app
18:40 Deciding whether to build a custom app or buy off the shelf
21:05 Developing apps for the enterprise vs. the customer
22:00 The number one app development mistake businesses make
23:13 Measuring success after launch
24:50 Most exciting new technologies out there
27:27 Thought leaders to follow
28:55 Books to recommend

Books recommended in this episode:

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