Meeting room technology is notoriously troublesome. We’ve all experienced meetings that have started late due to A/V issues, whether it’s a lack of connectivity to your computer, video conferencing solutions that don’t work or failing projector bulbs.

In my most recent conversation with Samsung’s Shari Sentlowitz, we discussed the four solutions that Samsung has brought to market to solve your meeting room woes.

  • Samsung Flip, an interactive digital flipchart, is great for in-person meetings and brainstorming. Sentlowitz says to think of it as “your replacement for your paper flipchart or your analog whiteboard.” At the end of a meeting, you can directly share your notes from Flip via email or printer.
  • The second is the QBH-TR interactive display. It’s similar to a traditional display that you’d hang on a wall in an executive boardroom or big conference room. With it you can “not only show content but also have an interactive whiteboard,” Sentlowitz says. “It’s very seamless and easy to use — you don’t even need a remote to change sources.”
  • Samsung Huddle Space Solutions are actually four different solutions that are specifically made for small- to medium-sized conference rooms. They’re designed to improve interactions between employees or teams who may not physically be in the same location.
  • Lastly, the Huddle Space Solutions are certified to work with Cisco, which means that you can add in services like video conferencing. It’s a perfect way to improve meetings with a face-to-face connection — whether you’re working from home or in the office.

No one wants more meetings, but with these Samsung collaboration solutions, your meetings can be optimized for productivity (and limited stress).

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