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Small Business Mobile Management Solutions to Help You Scale With Ease

Figuring out how to scale your business is a good problem to have — it means your company is growing and succeeding. But for most small businesses, scaling successfully is challenging. Not only do you have to find a way to rework your business processes for larger numbers of employees, but you’ll probably have to develop some new processes and functions as well.

There will undoubtedly be some growing pains as you figure out how your teams can collaborate most effectively, and you’ll also be faced with finding better ways to manage your employees’ time and ensure that productivity remains high during times of change. Plus, you’ll have to find a way to do all this while maintaining a clear emphasis on customer service and support.

If you’re facing these challenges, you’re in good company. According to TD Bank’s 2018 Small Business Survey, more than half of small business owners expect revenue to grow this year.

Gathering the right executive team to manage these tough transitions is an important first step, but don’t discount the impact technology can have in helping your business scale. The right technology can go a long way toward easing transitions, automating processes and simplifying management.

Small Business Mobile Management Solutions

A good Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution can make a growing company’s life much easier — and much safer. Sometimes viewed as a tool for large, complex organizations, EMM technology is essential for smaller firms too as it provides the ability to efficiently manage and support employees’ mobile devices. For example, an IT administrator can apply policies to ensure employees use PINs or passwords on their devices and track down the location of devices when lost. Comprehensive EMM solutions can also support more extensive security controls, including the ability to whitelist and blacklist applications and websites, configure firewalls, and create containers for sensitive information.

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Ensuring that employees remain available, productive and able to collaborate even when out of the office is another critical issue for companies in growth mode. Tablets and smartphones are a good start, but there are times when only the capabilities of a full desktop will do the job. Today, you don’t always need a desktop or laptop PC to do this. Samsung DeX, which allows employees to connect their Galaxy smartphone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, can deliver a desktop experience without the expense and hassle. With DeX, employees can easily multitask, access Microsoft Office documents, check calendar and email and even run virtual desktops — all powered by their smartphone.

Simplifying Management With MaaS

Another way to ease workload of managing mobile devices as you grow is by moving more functions to a “as-a-service” model. This model removes the burden of management, upgrades and repairs, giving you managed mobility for a fixed monthly subscription. With a pay-as-you-go model, it’s also often less costly for small businesses than hiring another IT admin.

While many businesses understand the value of cloud-based services such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), fewer understand the benefits of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) — also known as managed mobile services. With this type of service, companies rely on a third party to ensure that devices are always working, correctly configured, available and up-to-date. In most cases, EMM services such as device configurations and enterprise policy management are included in this model.

In addition to providing peace of mind and offloading onerous tasks, the MaaS model can save growing companies real money. According to a recent survey from Blue Hill Research, companies realized a return on investment on managed mobility services of 184 percent over three years.

The right mobile management solutions can help small businesses scale to meet growing demand with as little cost, effort and time as possible. At the same time, these technologies can help establish a real center of productivity, profit and revenue at a growing business.

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