As a retail store owner or manager, chances are you’re juggling as many devices as you are tasks. Your day starts before you even leave the house, as you check inventory, yesterday’s sales, your CRM and social media from your laptop. During your commute, you check emails and respond to text messages on your phone.

Once you get to the store, you have to re-authenticate logins on your work desktop to access the same websites and accounts you were just looking at. And before you get out on the store floor, you need to print out plannograms, inventory outages, compliance checklists and schedules.

Throughout the day, you bounce back and forth between the floor and the back office to accomplish all the administrative responsibilities that pile up while you’re out serving to customers and supporting associates.

This is the way your workflow has always been, so you may not even recognize how inconvenient it is. But wouldn’t it be great if you could do everything — from the store floor to the back office and everything in-between — using one device instead?

The “Mobile-Only” Future of Retail Technology

Now let me present a contrasting vision.

Over breakfast you skim emails on your Galaxy Note9 smartphone, then check your CRM and social media apps. You need to write an urgent response to a vendor, so you quickly dock your Note9 to a monitor in your home office. This instantly launches Samsung DeX — a mobile-powered desktop experience. With a paired keyboard and mouse, you quickly type up the email in one window while referencing the supplier’s online catalogue in another. Your phone has become your PC.

Arriving at the store, you again dock your smartphone and launch DeX. All your apps are already open and ready to go. If you do need to authenticate again, you just touch the fingerprint scanner. Now when you head out on the store floor, you don’t have to print anything out because you have complete access to your apps and files on that same mobile device.

The Galaxy Note9 becomes to be your business lifeline throughout the day:

  • Show and Tell: When a customer comes in with a question about a particular item they’ve pulled up on their mobile device, you can quickly bring that item up on the Note9, rather than taking the customer’s phone into your hands. You might even connect your Note9 to an in-store digital signage display to review additional options together with the customer. Using your phone as the touchpad, you can point, click and share information on the larger screen.
  • Inventory Holes: You head to the delivery dock to review new inventory that has arrived in preparation for a seasonal event. You use an inventory management app on your smartphone to scan bar codes and confirm that everything has arrived. Several boxes have sustained damage and you quickly take a photo on your Note9 to document this. You can easily attach this to an email back to the distributer.
  • Upselling: In the afternoon, you meet with your best customer to discuss new options for their remodel. To prepare, you take several photos of the current design choices. With the Note9’s S Pen, you’re able to annotate on the photos and add several notes to illustrate your ideas. During the meeting, you connect your Note9 to the meeting room display. Again in DeX mode, you share the photos and review the designer’s initial proposal. It’s a collaborative discussion, and you use your Note9 and S Pen to power an impromptu whiteboarding session on the meeting room display. At the end of the discussion, you share the drawings and notes via email right from your phone.

This seamless experience can be achieved today using a Galaxy smartphone and our DeX platform, taking you through your entire workday comfortably, from your home office routine, to customer service to front-of-house administration, to back office meetings.

Mobile-Only Helps Streamline IT Too

Moving to mobile-only doesn’t just help simplify work — it simplifies IT management too. Fewer devices means less upfront cost and less time spent on device setup and maintenance.

Today’s IT retail teams are often caught managing dual infrastructure — traditional desktops and mobile devices — as well as an array of single-purpose tools. By moving to mobile-only, they can focus on one platform and will have more time to drive strategic innovation projects.

Working with customer information comes with some security risks, which is one reason retailers often don’t use mobile devices for everything. But the right security platform and tools make it possible to perform all of your duties — from social media to mobile POS — from one device without fear of data leakage or breaches. With built-in, defense-grade security of the Knox platform, you can remain productive while keeping customer data secure.

The bottom line is that streamlining your retail technology means more time serving customers and employees and less time juggling devices.

The Galaxy Note9 with Samsung DeX gives you productivity without limits, transforming to your needs as you transition between different types of tasks. In today’s omnichannel world, it simply makes sense to manage your tasks from a single, versatile device that gives you the connectivity and functionality you need, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Learn more about how the Galaxy Note9 and Samsung DeX can jump-start your move toward the future of retail.