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Mobile Productivity

Fresh Perspectives on IT and IT Leadership

Throughout the Business Disrupted podcast series, we’ve explored how digital transformation has made IT the center of conversations around business growth, security and innovation. So, how can IT teams take advantage of this momentum as change agents in their organizations? There are many opportunities, given the impact that digital transformation is having on all aspects of company culture and operations. In this episode, our guests discuss what the next mobile economy and the digital workplace of the future look like, and how to embrace innovation as a visionary IT leader. We cover day-to-day leadership tactics as well as strategic approaches to technology problem-solving that can be put into practice today.

Podcast guests:

  • Justin Mennen, CIO and CDO, CompuCom (@jmennen)
  • Maribel Lopez, Founder and Principal Analyst, Lopez Research (@MaribelLopez

Don’t miss these discussion topics:

1:35 Defining digital transformation
3:00 What the mobile economy means for business, and for IT leaders
4:56 How the structure of IT within the organization will evolve as digital transformation becomes an ongoing part of the business roadmap
6:50 How to leverage progressive thought leadership and create new business opportunities in preventative IT
8:45 What to do in a company culture that promotes prevention and maintenance as the main cost of innovation
10:40 The meaning of mobile innovation
12:37 Business use cases
15:08 Preparing your business to embrace innovation
17:43 Critical components of a successful overall digital innovation strategy
20:15 Pitfalls of adopting technology without a clear business case: how to identify an application for technology in business
21: 58 Key components of selling an idea in an organization
22:44 Staying on top of the “war on talent”
24: 48 The digital workplace of the future
27:54 Highlights of the CompuCon building
29:49 Using mobile devices for check-in instead of badges
30:30 Exciting, critical technologies to start investing in today
31:24 Exciting business developments in mobile AR/VR
32:45 Finding balance in your career
33:53 Important leadership lessons
35:00 Getting the most out of IT meetings with your team
36:23 How to keep your team inspired on a day-to-day basis
37:43 How to honor personal failure and celebrate wins

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