Today’s enterprises provide private network access for corporate mobile devices while relying on a trio of technologies. First, there’s the 4G LTE service supplied by mobile carriers that every consumer is familiar with. Then there’s Wi-Fi for workers on campus or ones connected to private networks via third-party access points, using virtual private network (VPN) software for security. Finally, there’s the special land mobile radio (LMR) frequency bands for devices carried by police and other emergency first responders, taxi and truck drivers, etc.

Exciting new technologies are on the horizon that promise massive upgrades to enterprise private networks, and will overhaul the mobile worker experience for the better.

The first is the much-anticipated 5G, the successor to the current 4G LTE of cellular mobile communications. The other is the lesser-known Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), recently rebranded as OnGo, according to Light Reading. Both are expected to enable faster bandwidth and lower latency than today’s networking technologies. This faster, more reliable connectivity is expected to spur on the adoption of self-driving cars, smart factories and other technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) wave.

In this roundtable episode of SBTV, I sat down with a trio of experts, including Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager of Small Cells and Wireless Enterprise for Samsung Networks at Samsung Electronics America; Jason Claybrook, Marketing and Business Development for Samsung Networks at Samsung Electronics America; and Simon Lok, chief technology officer (CTO) of RG Nets, a partner of Samsung Networks.

These experts discuss what state-of-the-art private networks could look like in the 5G future, what the “five C’s” are and how they apply to enterprise, the ways CBRS/OnGo and 5G will complement and enhance current uses of LMR, Wi-Fi and 4G and in which industries and enterprise use cases CBRS/OnGo and 5G will be adopted first.

See how enterprise mobile solutions are changing the way that employees work on a daily basis.

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