Video Walls Light Up Norwegian Superdry Stores Inside and Out

The sun comes up late and disappears early during long Norwegian winters, so a bright and dynamic display in a high street shop window is an unmissable beacon to passersby.

The new Oslo flagship store for the global apparel brand Superdry has implemented a large direct-view LED video wall in a storefront window to attract attention, drive the brand and pull shoppers off the sidewalk and into the ambitious new store.

High Visibility for High Traffic

“In Norway, when it is wintertime, it’s very, very dark, so the screen just lights up the whole street,” says Miriam Kristine Top Steiness, managing director for Superdry Norway.

The Samsung LED video wall fills one of the main sidewalk-level windows of the store, which opened in June 2018 on a busy corner in central Oslo. Along with bustling foot traffic day to day, light rail tram cars regularly rumble by the store, with the screen in full view of passengers.

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Big, high-visibility screens facing the street and inside stores are now part of the marketing strategy for Superdry, at the flagship branch and other main stores.

Streamlining Visual Deployments

Superdry Norway CEO Hans Christian Axel Melbye says it’s important for his marketers to be able to show the full product range and ensure products and promotions are current.

Static posters that needed to be planned well in advance have been supplanted by digital displays that effectively reflect near real-time thinking about promotions.

“With the big screen,” Melbye says, “we can always get the best and the newest images from the UK, and the customers will come in, and they will always see what they can expect, and they will always see the latest trends and everything that we have to offer.”

At the main payment or customer service counters, on their backing walls, Superdry is using either narrow pixel pitch LED displays or super narrow bezel LCD displays set in a two-screen-tall, two-screen-wide configuration.

Superdry was set up by digital signage solutions provider Prodok with a content management system that enables it to schedule visually dynamic full-motion videos on the screens at counters, while separately creating a scheduled sequence of still images for the street-facing LED.

Better Visuals in Any Light

While winter days are short, summer daylight is long in Oslo and throughout Norway. So whatever displays sit in a shop window must successfully show through the sun’s bright rays. The Samsung direct-view LED used at the flagship easily cuts through even direct midday sun.

Visuals are everything in fashion, and especially so for Superdry, launched and run in the UK but known around the world for contemporary clothing that fuses British style with vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics.

Replacing color-accurate, high-resolution print visuals historically used around stores required finding display technologies that provide the same viewing quality and experience for shoppers. Samsung LED and LCD displays use High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that broadens the spectrum of what people see, including the details in the brightest brights and darkest darks that are muddy or unseen in displays that don’t support HDR.

Standing Out in Form and Function

Samsung’s direct-view LED also held an attraction for Superdry because of how the technology runs and is serviced. The LED modules that make up a video wall display are akin to wall tiles and, unlike less sophisticated LED display products, can be popped out from the front and easily repaired or replaced on site, notes Stian Trosby, a business development professional from Samsung’s Norway office. That minimizes disruption and downtime for a store.

The screen strategy is paying off. “We’ve seen increases in some of our stores, just because we’re having the screens. People are wanting to come in to see what else we have,” says Steiness. When businesses are empowered to showcase their top quality products in unmatched visual detail, consumers take notice.

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