Technology innovations continue to impact the healthcare industry in positive ways, and it’s important for hospitals and medical professionals to stay in the know about the tools available to them.

While at HIMSS 2019, I spoke with David Chou, vice president of Constellation Research, about the technologies he thinks the healthcare industry should focus on in 2019. “Hospitals are using technology to focus on experience and convenience,” Chou said. “Patients need to have data access in the palms of their hands.”

As medical devices become smarter and more connected, Chou said another focus should be ensuring that they are secure and don’t become vulnerable to hackers. “Medical devices are getting a lot more secure,” Chou said. “That trend is going to improve, as security awareness is huge.”

We’ve seen a lot of progression in the healthcare industry, specifically with technology, and Chou admits that it’s not easy keeping up with all of the innovations. To stay on trend, Chou suggests healthcare professionals should “get out there to see what’s going on in other industries and, most importantly, think about how you make a difference by learning from other institutions and industries.”

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