In the past, customizing a device for a single purpose could take six months to two years. With new advances in technology, such as mobile configuration tools like Samsung Knox Configure, the same task is now simple and fast.

“Within five to 10 minutes’ time you can change the way it works,” explains Josh Fulton, CEO of eSquared. This includes adding security features such as not allowing users to copy and paste content out of an application or manipulating connectivity to prohibit the use of Wi-Fi.

IT can now remotely configure devices to provide a consistent experience across all user groups, even if they are using different Samsung devices. This allows organizations to turn devices into whatever they need — whether that’s a single-purpose or a multipurpose device — without IT ever having to physically touch the devices themselves.

In addition to the cost and time benefits of using Knox Configure for device customization, many organizations have found they have much more flexibility to add additional customizations as their business needs evolve. For example, a transportation company may deploy single-purpose customized devices to allow drivers to record their hours of service while driving. However, they may later realize that they also want to add proof of delivery capabilities. With Knox Configure and Samsung mobile devices, IT can remotely configure additional customizations in minutes, and then deploy these new capabilities remotely across all devices.

To learn more about simple and cost-effective use cases for device customization in almost any industry, watch this SBTV roundtable discussion with Josh Fulton and Adam Shapiro from eSquared.

A critical part of a successful mobile deployment and configuration is finding the right smartphone for your business.

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