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How to preserve collaboration as your business scales

As your business grows, a solid scaling strategy is critical to maintaining high standards of customer service and ensuring effective collaboration across team members.

This is particularly true in today’s new normal, where more and more employees are working from home. To keep moving forward without disruption, you’ll need to focus on expanding your collaboration tools to help your team work together — from near or far.

Here are a few suggestions to help you fortify collaboration across an increasingly dispersed workforce:

1. Optimize access to team members

Equip your team with the right tools, such as project management platforms, chat-based workspaces and internal social media platforms. The most successful workplaces unite people, conversations and content — along with relevant digital tools — so they can collaborate easily and productively. These solutions should seamlessly bridge the virtual and the physical to strengthen the sense of connection and predictability associated with remote work and telecommuting.

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2. Unify your communications

Missed calls can be a major source of revenue loss, and this risk increases if your team continues to spread out. For field-based teams, a unified communications (UC) tool can improve customer satisfaction by ensuring every call is answered — connecting them to a relevant available representative even when the sought-after employee is away from their desk.

Easy, straightforward communication is key, not only to avoid losing customers but also to keep remote team members fully connected. With the right UC tool, you can implement a diversity of automated processes to ensure calls get to the right people. One such possibility is hunt groups, which continually forward a call down a prioritized list until it’s answered. You can also use extension dialing for quick access to specific team members, even while they’re away from the office.

3. Automate workflows to increase efficiency

The average employee spends over 3 hours a day on easily automated tasks, which diminishes employees’ focus and bogs down their collaboration efforts. Digital solutions that use automated workflows and process intelligence can help your team spend less time on manual processes and more time generating unique insights.

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For increased efficiency, consider investing in mobile-friendly, cloud-based tools for workflow integration and process intelligence.

4. Increase collaboration with customers

The explosive demand for mobile solutions and cloud computing is as relevant to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as it is to large enterprises. Cloud collaboration and cloud-based tools can give small businesses more satisfied customers and efficiency gains, which help level the playing field with their larger competitors.

Cloud-based mobile apps that unite businesses with their customers can also boost customer satisfaction by centralizing communications and accelerating workflows. When companies and customers collaborate online, team members can respond to requests effectively in real-time, with quickly sourced information.

To take full advantage of these opportunities, equip employees with mobile devices that keep them always on and always connected. From the midrange Galaxy A Series, which delivers the core business essentials at an affordable price point, to heavy-duty MIL-STD-810G-rated rugged smartphones and tablets, Samsung’s mobile device lineup has a solution to match every company’s budget and situation.

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