Working with outstanding public safety agencies across the country and seeing Samsung mobile technology making a real difference has provided many great lessons. To share this information more widely, Samsung is sponsoring a series of webinars that will provide meaningful insight into how mobile technology can improve officer effectiveness and safety, even providing added capabilities.

The International Public Safety Association, a nonprofit organization representing all public safety verticals, will be hosting the presentations through the end of 2021. Each webinar is practitioner-driven, with actionable information that will help agencies interested in going mobile or improving their existing mobile program.

Below are summaries of the webinars and the dates they will air. Samsung has arranged for webinars to be available via archive once presented.

Officer safety and wellness: Innovative approach leverages technology to help 24/7

June 9, 2021 — Archived and available now

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 2020 was the deadliest year ever recorded for line-of-duty-deaths in the United States, with the majority of the losses attributable to COVID-19. As the world continues to deal with the pandemic, there’s an equally deadly threat to officers that weighs on law enforcement officials: police officer suicides.

Tragically, the number of police suicides each year often exceeds line-of-duty deaths, and leaders have long sought a proactive way to provide support. A committed police chief and a noted police psychologist have collaborated to create a program that empowers officers to help themselves with an always available smartphone app that also offers confidential professional help. Overall, the approach is changing minds and reshaping culture. Watch the archived recording.

Using a smartphone? Important CJIS considerations for police operations

August 31, 2021 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern

Smartphones’ operational benefits can be significantly expanded with mobile access to criminal justice databases. But this requires compliance with Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policy, which can be somewhat challenging to navigate. This webinar will provide clear guidance on key areas of CJIS compliance, including multifactor authentication, mobile device management (MDM), encryption requirements and compensating control options. Presenters include a veteran CJIS information security officer from the FBI, a regional public safety IT manager who achieved approval for CJI query on agency smartphones and a practitioner who authored a guide to achieving CJIS compliance with smartphones. Register here.

Adopting a mobile mindset: Lessons learned at California Corrections and Rehabilitation

October 5, 2021 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern

California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is one of the largest correctional agencies in the world. The department’s responsibilities include parole oversight of recently released offenders. Traditionally, parole agents have relied on heavy three-ring binders filled with handwritten notes, but this made files and supporting resources difficult to access. The Virtual Integrated Mobile Office effort provides parole agents with ready access to parolee data and allows them to easily document contact notes.

As a complementary effort, Agent Mobile Office creates an office-like workspace anywhere, regardless of the environment or app being used. The lessons you’ll learn from this webinar are applicable to all public safety agencies. Register here.

There’s an app for that! An overview of the most effective smartphone apps for public safety

December 8, 2021 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern

Apps and complementary peripherals designed for public safety have increased mobile devices’ utility and improved agencies’ overall efficiency. This presentation will clarify the benefits of a connected officer approach and provide an overview of the most effective apps currently available, including support for officer safety and wellness, criminal justice resources and even tools for distributing virtual bulletins to other officers or to the public. The hosts will also provide examples of cost-effective smartphone peripherals that can create new capabilities that support patrol or investigative operations. Register here.

Samsung is collaborating with first responders to develop systems that push real-time information to those who need it most. We’re committed to delivering public safety solutions that make a difference and help shape the next generation of law enforcement.

As you strategize a mobile program for your agency, you can learn more about achieving CJIS compliance on mobile devices in our free, comprehensive CJIS compliance guide, which provides practical advice for agencies deploying smartphones and tablets. If you’re not quite sure which mobile devices are the best fit for your agency, browse Samsung’s innovative range of public safety solutions.

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