Working seamlessly in up to three apps at once is a game changer for business professionals who need more from their mobile device. On Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, you get a spacious, 7.6-inch screen where you can launch your apps in Multi-Active Windows — quadrants that you can resize and arrange to suit your multitasking needs. Powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor, the multi-app experience is seamless.

Multi-Active Window is one of the easiest and most versatile productivity enhancers on Galaxy Z Fold3. Here’s how it works:

Get to know the Edge Panel

The tab on the right side of the home screen is the Edge Panel. It functions a bit like a PC taskbar, opening apps as separate windows so you don’t have to keep switching from app to app in full screen. The top section of the Edge Panel shows your recently used apps, while the bottom features your favorites. To customize the Edge Panel to provide access to your favorite apps, tap the three small horizontal lines at the bottom of the panel and then tap “Edit.” Tapping “All apps” shows all the device’s apps compatible in Multi-Active Window mode.

Edge Panel display shown while multi-active windows in use on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

Multi-window in smartphone mode

With your Galaxy Z Fold3 closed shut, the Edge Panel is still accessible. On the external screen, you can launch two apps — splitting the top and bottom of the screen. For example, while you’re on a call, you can pull in the Edge Panel to open another app such as Outlook to reference or input information, while keeping the dialer app open at the top of your screen.

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Multi-window in tablet mode

When you flex your Galaxy Z Fold3 into tablet mode, you can open up to three apps. If you already have two windows open, they’ll carry over from smartphone to tablet mode as you unfold your phone. You can even create custom app pairings for maximum productivity, from duos to trios to advanced features in your Settings.

Save app pairings

When you first start using Multi-Active Windows, you’ll want to try out some different app pairings. As you discover which duos and trios you most frequently use together, you can save them to the Edge Panel — so you can launch a multi-window workspace in one tap. To save an app pairing, tap the three dots at the center of the screen, followed by the app pair icon with a plus sign. Your app pairing will now appear as one icon at the bottom of the Edge Panel. Tap it at any time and you’ll launch that app pair or trio instantly.

App trio icon appears in Edge Panel on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Resize and rearrange windows

Let’s say you have three apps open: Microsoft Outlook, Samsung Calendar and Google Maps. You receive an email confirming the time and place of an upcoming work meeting, and you’re ready to send a calendar invite. You can resize Outlook or Maps by dragging the lined borders between the apps so you have more room to work in Calendar. Or, if you just want to rearrange your windows, tap the center three dots, then choose from options for rotating or swapping spots.

Multi-window in Flex Mode

Galaxy Z Fold3’s Flex Mode enables hands-free videoconferencing. And with multi-window functionality, you don’t have to dedicate your entire screen to your call. Review a PowerPoint presentation and even keep up on emails while you’re meeting face to face, all on one screen.

To create your complete videoconferencing setup, first open Microsoft Teams with your Galaxy Z Fold3 in tablet mode. Then, from the Edge Panel, open one or two more apps you’d like to use during your Teams meeting. Samsung Notes is a common companion for videoconferencing apps so you can jot down key takeaways in real time. If you’ve added the optional S Pen for Z Fold3, you can use the Notes app to write by hand — then convert to text with one tap of the pen.

User holds video conference and writes notes on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G in Flex Mode.

With Teams and one or two accompanying apps open, turn Galaxy Z Fold3 counterclockwise so the fold is horizontal, which will ensure the camera faces you correctly. Then tap the three center dots and arrange your windows with your videoconference in the top portion of the screen (horizontally). Fold the device so it stands on its own, then position your camera. After joining your video call, you can continue to use your other selected app(s) in separate windows.

Additional pop-ups

While you can use Multi-Active Windows for up to three apps at once, the Z Fold3’s multi-window capabilities don’t stop there. Here’s one more tip to keep top of mind as you get up to speed.

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First, tap the three vertical lines at the bottom of your screen to see your open apps. Then click an app icon (any of them) at the top of its small window, centered in the screen. Select “Open in pop-up view” and you now have a floating window you can move with your finger or S Pen. This pop-up view is particularly helpful if you only need an app for a quick task, as is often the case with the calculator app for example, without disrupting your multi-window workspace. When you’re done with a pop-up app, hold the blue bar at the top of the box until the menu appears, then tap the X to close the app.

Which apps work in multi-window?

To see all your apps that are optimized for Multi-Active Windows on the Z Fold3, including in Flex Mode, tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the Edge Panel and then choose “All apps.” Don’t see a specific app listed here? You can still try using it in multi-window mode. Just go to your Settings and tap “Advanced features,” then “Labs” and turn on multi-window for all apps. Today’s most popular business apps have all been thoughtfully optimized for multi-window on the Z Fold3, putting more power in your hands.

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