Teams use multiple devices before, during and after meetings, so your smart board should be able to effortlessly connect with peripherals.

The Samsung Flip 2 connects easily to content sources or other large scale displays with a cable connection or wirelessly. Great for smaller presentations where the user wants to flip between different applications, this function also helps presenters in big groups annotate on a smaller form factor while still projecting to a large audience.

Screen sharing on the smart board is so simple that young students can quickly connect their devices and share their work during lessons.

How to screen share wirelessly on Flip 2

  1. Tap the top arrow for the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Export and tap Screen share.
  3. If connecting wirelessly, select Wireless, then wait for your desired device to appear.
  4. Select the device you want to share with and tap Share.

For audio, you can use the source speakers without affecting the Flip 2. To adjust the Flip volume, tap the bottom arrow for the toolbar and adjust the volume.

The Samsung Flip 2 helps teams present and showcase content easily. And get your free guide towhy interactive learning matters and how prioritizing it engages students and improves outcomes.

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