Wearables aren’t just for workouts; they’re also for the workplace. Introduced alongside Samsung’s fourth generation of foldables at the August 2022 Galaxy Unpacked event, the new Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro can help streamline your productivity at work and on the go, especially when synced with your Galaxy smartphone, such as Galaxy Z Fold4 or Galaxy Z Flip4, and your Galaxy Book laptop. The watch is a key piece in your Galaxy ecosystem.

Here are the main Galaxy Watch features to tap into for a smoother workday, straight through to your workout and wind-down.

Getting started

When you turn on your Galaxy Watch for the first time, it will automatically connect to your Galaxy smartphone as long as the phone is nearby and Bluetooth is enabled. If you’re having trouble connecting the two automatically, go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone to find and pair your watch manually. Everything is synced through your Samsung account, so your phone and watch share the same app data.

Watch Samsung’s official Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro unboxing video.

Once your watch is set up and synced with your phone, consider spending a few minutes customizing your watch face based on the apps and information you want to see at a glance while you’re at work.

Setting notifications

As a companion to your smartphone, Galaxy Watch allows you to do more and toggle less. Instead of constantly checking your phone, you can get notifications right on your watch. The key is to choose those watch notifications wisely so you’re getting helpful updates and not distracting ones. Email, chat and calendar apps are usually good candidates for watch notifications at work, but you can try different options to see what works best for you.

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If there’s a time when you want your watch to be a little less chatty, don’t feel like you need to disable all your notifications separately or permanently. You can easily set your watch to Do Not Disturb from the settings menu, or sync Do Not Disturb on your watch and your phone if you really want to focus. There’s also Theater Mode, which not only silences your notifications but also darkens the display and disables gesture commands. Theater Mode is ideal for meetings, where others might be distracted by visible flashes on your watch face.

Talking and texting

Colleagues do a lot of talking throughout the workday, and with Galaxy Watch, you can answer phone calls and send text messages from your wrist. Again, it helps you spend less time checking your phone — usually a good thing at work.

Many Galaxy Watch users also purchase a pair of Galaxy Buds, although the watch also has a built-in microphone. And with phone notifications on your watch, you’ll never miss an important call again. Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro offer several ways to respond to texts. Tap an incoming message (or the Messages app) and choose from sending a voice recording, writing by hand (one letter at a time) on your watch face and converting to text, quick tapping an emoji or typing on a T9 or numerical keyboard.

Working your way through the day

Every second counts for productivity. Galaxy Watch lets you move through life seamlessly — with those seconds saved adding up to minutes and possibly hours back in your day. As you become an advanced Galaxy Watch user, you can program your watch settings with app shortcuts. For example, you can set a side button to open the voice recorder for note taking, or Google Assistant to use your phone hands-free.

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Long travel day? Switch to Power Saving mode in your settings or simply tap the battery icon in the quick panel for longer battery life. With your watch connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you’ll still receive your essential phone and messaging notifications, along with any other notifications from apps that don’t require a Wi-Fi connection. Forgot your watch charger on your trip? Use Wireless PowerShare on your Galaxy S or Z Series device to charge your watch.

When it’s time to sign off and go for a workout, you can leave your phone at home knowing your watch has everything you need — from notifications to calling capabilities and, of course, music connected to your Galaxy Buds. Galaxy Watch gives you a world of wellness tools that you can use to stay healthy, balanced and motivated both in and out of the workplace. It can even help you sleep better. As you wind down at the end of the day, be sure to set your watch to Bedtime mode so you can rest well and be just as productive the next day.

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