5 ways Galaxy Book3 powers productivity for your team, wherever they are

Every new prospect a sales rep can reach helps a company get closer to its target. The more content the marketing team can produce and optimize, the more engagement it can drive. When developers get a new website or mobile app into production ahead of schedule, it can make all the difference in transforming customer experiences.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may vary in terms of the outcomes they’re pursuing, but it’s probably safe to say a productive workforce is key to achieving any of them.

Driving greater productivity is no longer associated with having managers and supervisors looming over employees as they toil away at a desk, however. Advancements in technology have opened up new possibilities to get work done from anywhere, and many companies are taking advantage of them. Recent data shows 56% of U.S. full-time employees are capable of doing their jobs remotely, and about half of them are now enjoying hybrid work policies.

Boost productivity with the Galaxy Book3

As more businesses determine the model that works for them, they will need to combine policies with the most effective tools to fuel productivity. Research shows 59% of employees said the tools they use to collaborate are not aligned with the way they work — and 72% said they wish their tools were more compatible with one another.

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The Galaxy Book3 series from Samsung was purpose-built to address the need for helping employees feel engaged and productive, regardless of where they’re working. Some of the key features include:

1. Continuity across your entire Galaxy ecosystem

Much of what we call “work” consists of content: spreadsheets, Word documents, images, and even text messages. This content has traditionally been siloed within organizations — or more specifically, within the devices employees use.

Too much valuable time is often spent finding and transferring work from smartphones to a PC, or between a PC and a tablet. All Galaxy Book3 devices seamlessly streamline the connection between devices like your Galaxy smartphone, offering a connected experience. That means you can easily take calls on your PC, transfer large files, or copy and paste text between devices. If someone isn’t using a Galaxy device, you can still share content using a private link.

2. Grab-and-go design

There’s a reason paper-based processes persisted in the workplace for many years. Think of how easy it is to pick up a file folder or binder and slip it into a bag to take critical business information from your office to a client site. When PCs are cumbersome and heavy, it’s tempting to leave them behind instead.

Contrast that with a PC like the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, whose high performance is only rivaled by its thin 16.5mm hardware and scant 3.95 pounds. This makes working outside the office more doable than ever before.

3. More screen real estate to collaborate and multitask

At any given moment, employees might need to glance at a dashboard, check their email, and open a PDF — all while taking part in a video call.

It’s frustrating to do this when you’re working with a display that forces you to shuffle through applications and content to bring what you need into view. The Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Pro, and Pro 360 take those frustrations away thanks to a huge 14×16-inch AMOLED display, with 3K high-resolution that offers a more crisp image.

A big screen not only helps employees be more productive but also collaborative, as they can easily share what they’re looking at with coworkers without using an external monitor.

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4. An end to fumbling for dongles

Knowledge workers shouldn’t have to walk around as though they are wearing Batman’s utility belt. Unfortunately, many mobile PCs require them to keep multiple dongles on hand in order to connect to a projector, another PC, or to use external drives.

This isn’t really a dongle problem — it’s a port problem, and the Galaxy Book3 series solves it. The Ultra, Pro, and Pro 360 models all come packed with HDMI, USB, and Thunderbolt 4 ports. The latter are particularly useful when you need to send super-fast file transfers at 40Gbps. The bottom line is that, instead of making others wait, you can connect your Galaxy Book3 PC to anything, instantly.

5. A more confident close-up

Find a quiet space. Make sure the primary light source isn’t behind you, creating too much shadow. Try to figure out how to look as though you’re making eye-to-eye contact.

If this is the kind of drill you’ve gone through before a video call, you’re not alone if you feel tired of it. Chatting with remote team members or clients should be as quick and straightforward as talking to them in person.

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Pro and Pro 360 radically simplify the process of getting camera-ready. They have Studio Mode, which includes AI capabilities such as eye contact correction, as well as lighting correction so you always look professional. Quad-core speakers, meanwhile, deliver clear high octaves and a rich bass sound. And if you’re not cloistered in a noise-free environment, don’t worry. A studio-grade mic also makes use of AI to cancel noise, capture your voice, and deliver it clearly.

There are also productivity-enhancing features that have been part of the Galaxy Book series all along — a long-lasting battery, a compact fast charger, powerful Intel processors, and a versatile S Pen — that are also part of the latest series. It all adds up to a PC that will let everyone get more done, every single day.

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