When you think about Samsung smartphones, you probably first think of flagship devices like Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold4. But many businesses — especially those on a tighter budget — can get everything they need from the more affordable Galaxy A Series of smartphones.

The 2023 Galaxy A Series lineup includes:

Available from leading carriers and Samsung Business Direct, the latest range of Galaxy A Series devices provide everything you need in a mid-range smartphone, and give your business a reliable, secure, affordable platform for its mobility initiatives. (Companies that want an affordable device with a rugged form factor need look no further than the military-grade Galaxy XCover6 Pro.)

From the entry-level  A14 5G to the powerful A54 5G, all of the new Galaxy A Series devices deliver the core essentials business users need in a smartphone. But there are some key differences and innovative features added as you move up the range. Here’s a quick comparison of the A Series across six key features to help you choose which device is the best fit for your business needs:

1. Display technology

  • Galaxy A14 5G: 6.6 inches, FHD+ LCD, 90Hz
  • Galaxy A23 5G: 6.6 inches, FHD+ LCD, 120Hz
  • Galaxy A54 5G: 6.4 inches, Super AMOLED, FHD+ 120Hz

All of Samsung’s new A Series smartphones offer expansive screens of at least 6.4 inches. With more screen comes more space for multitasking, allowing you to be productive on the move by working with two apps on a split screen. It also means no more straining your eyes to make out tiny characters on your old smartphone’s display.

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Galaxy A14 5G offers HD+ resolution (720 x 1600 pixels), so your documents, photos, and videos will look crisp and clear. On the Galaxy A14 5G, you get FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2408 pixels), giving even more detail and vibrancy to visual content. The Galaxy A54 5G uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology, lending vivid brightness to everything you view.

Samsung has also brought its high refresh-rate display technology to the A Series. With a 90Hz display on Galaxy A14 5G, an Infinity-O 120Hz display on A54 5G and an Infinity-V 120Hz display on the A235G  you get seamlessly smooth motion when scrolling or viewing fast-moving graphics.

And when you’re working long hours, don’t forget to switch on the blue light filter — available on all A Series smartphones — to give your eyes some rest.

2. Battery life

  • Galaxy A14 5G: 5,000mAh battery, 15W Fast Charging
  • Galaxy A23 5G: 5,000mAh battery, 25W Super Fast Charging
  • Galaxy A54 5G: 5,000mAh battery, 25W Super Fast Charging

The 2023 Galaxy A Series devices all feature high-capacity 5,000mAh batteries and intelligent power management that keeps up with your productive workday. You can videoconference, track inventory, work on your latest projects and still have enough battery life to stay connected till the end of your shift.

There are some differences in fast charging capabilities across the range, however Galaxy A14 5G supports  15W Fast Charge while the Galaxy A54 5G and A23 5G support 25W Super Fast Charging, which allows you to quickly top up your battery and get on with your day.

3. Camera systems

  • Galaxy A14 5G: Three-lens rear camera system including 50MP main, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth camera; 13MP front camera
  • Galaxy A23 5G: Four-lens rear camera system including 50MP main lens, 5MP ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro, 2MP depth lens, and 8MP front camera
  • Galaxy A54 5G: Three-lens rear camera system including 50MP main with optical image stabilization (OIS), 5MP macro, 12MP ultra-wide angle camera and32MP front camera

Having a great camera system can make or break a smartphone for business users. The 2023 Galaxy A Series devices feature sophisticated triple-lens rear camera setups. With a pro-grade camera onboard an affordable smartphone, you can be sure your device is versatile enough to meet all your business photography and video needs.

In an era of videoconferencing, each A Series device comes with a front-facing camera designed to keep you and your ideas in focus during videoconferences. The front cameras range from a 8MP camera on Galaxy A23 5Gto an incredible 32MP selfie camera on Galaxy A54 5G. And with integrated 5G connectivity on many of this year’s devices, you can join your next video call from your desk or the beach.

The rear camera systems are designed to let you capture every detail from any angle Ultra-wide lenses on Galaxy A23 5G and A54 5G let you capture an impressive 123-degree field of view.

With the best camera setups in the range, Galaxy A23 5G and Galaxy A54 5G are built for action. You can capture the world around you with A54 5G’s incredibly sharp 50MP sensor with OIS, for example, and shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. The Galaxy A23 5G, meanwhile, is ideal for work-related activities like running videoconference calls or scanning barcodes and documents.

4. Storage and memory

  • Galaxy A14 5G: 64GB storage, 4GB RAM
  • Galaxy A23 5G: 64GB storage, 4GB RAM
  • Galaxy A54 5G: 128GB storage, 6GB RAM

Few things are more frustrating than trying to download an app or large file and finding that your smartphone’s storage is maxed out. And if you notice your smartphone is performing sluggishly when you have multiple apps open, it’s likely that limited memory (RAM) is the culprit.

The A Series offers several different tiers of internal storage and memory configurations throughout the lineup, so you can choose a device that best fits your needs.

Galaxy A14 5G’s and A23 5G’s 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM will ensure your device won’t get bogged down, even when you have a dozen browser tabs and multiple Office documents lined up.

All the latest Galaxy A Series smartphones support expandable storage via a microSD card slot. With the ability to add up to 1TB more external storage, your smartphone can grow with your business needs. Your scans, documents, photos and data can go wherever you go, without a hitch.

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5. Connectivity

  • Galaxy A14 5G: 5G
  • Galaxy A23 5G: 5G
  • Galaxy A54 5G: 5G

Your business needs to stay connected even when team members are working remotely. All four A Series devices feature core connectivity essentials including Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with dual bands (2.4GHz + 5GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as support for 4G LTE.

Samsung has been a leader in introducing high-speed, low-latency 5G connectivity to its midrange lineup. As their names suggest, Galaxy A14 5G, A23 5G and A54 5G all feature high-speed 5G cellular modems. For businesses wanting to take advantage of Verizon’s mmWave network, the A54 5G also supports that high-end spectrum.

With these devices’ robust performance and lightning-fast 5G, you have the freedom to explore unlimited professional possibilities. Access your work in the cloud and stream video from your office or on the go.

When it comes to audio connectivity, the Galaxy A14 5Gand A23 5G both feature headphone jacks. With Galaxy A54 5G, you’ll need to upgrade to Bluetooth headphones, but they do feature stereo speakers as a nice bonus.

6. Security and biometrics

Like Samsung’s flagship smartphones, Galaxy A14 5G, A23 5G, and A54 5G all feature the defense-grade Knox security platform built in. Knox is a multilayered security architecture that protects your device from the moment you power up — so you can focus on what matters to you and your business. It also integrates natively with Knox Suite, Samsung’s comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions that enable IT to secure, deploy and manage devices to meet their specific business needs.

To make it easy for users to securely access their device, all four A Series devices feature fingerprint ID technology. On the Galaxy A14 5G, and A23 5G, the fingerprint sensor is incorporated into the power key on the right side of the device, while Galaxy A54 5G utilizes Samsung’s embedded optical fingerprint-on-display technology for a convenient unlock with your thumb as you hold the device. The Galaxy A14 5G and A23 5G also get three OS updates and four years of security updates, while the Galaxy A54 5G gets four OS updates and five years of security updates.

Innovation for all

Samsung’s 2023 Galaxy A Series offers features that used to be reserved for premium devices. With Galaxy A14 5G, A23 5G, and A54 5G, you can work on an expansive screen, enjoy all-day battery life, an impressive multi-lens camera system, and expandable storage. And when you’re remote, you can go the extra mile with high-speed 5G connectivity on the Galaxy A14 5G, A23 5G and A54 5G. In the Galaxy A series, affordability meets its match in innovation — so you can fulfill all your business needs, at a price point that will make your CFO smile.

Choosing a new smartphone is easier with expert advice. If you’re not sure which model’s right for your business, check out this comprehensive, free guide. And if you’re not in the Samsung ecosystem yet, here are 23 reasons your business can benefit from switching to a Galaxy smartphone.

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