How to maximize productivity with Galaxy Z Fold5 and the Galaxy ecosystem

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is the ultimate mobile device for business. As a compact mobile device and sleek tablet with desktop computing capabilities all in one, Z Fold5 is a productivity powerhouse on its own.

That said, it’s even more powerful alongside other Galaxy devices. Galaxy Z Fold5 effortlessly syncs with your Galaxy Book, Buds, Tab, and Watch to simplify your life. Here are some tips to get you started with your own Galaxy ecosystem.

Galaxy Z Fold5 + Galaxy Book

Your mobile device and laptop should speak to each other. Many people who own both a Galaxy Book and Galaxy phone don’t realize just how in tune the two can be. (If you don’t have a Galaxy Book, this guide to choosing the best notebook PC for business can help you compare the options and key specs.) With your PC and Galaxy Z Fold5 side by side, tap into the following:

Link to Windows

Toggling between your phone and computer can be distracting and time-consuming. The Link to Windows app helps keep your eyes focused on one device by mirroring your smartphone notifications on your PC. Not only that but you can also make calls, send texts and use your smartphone apps, all on your PC, without picking up your phone.

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Talk to an Expert

Galaxy Z Fold5’s expansive tablet display and PC-like features, such as drag and drop and an optimized taskbar, let you create and edit a presentation on mobile like never before. Meanwhile, Link to Windows lets you continue working on that presentation without pause once you’re back at your computer. To set up Link to Windows, you’ll first run Microsoft’s Your Phone app on your PC and scan a QR code with your device. Then, you’ll find the Link to Windows app on your phone and add your computer as a linked device.

Here are detailed instructions for using Link to Windows.

Quick Share

Want to share files directly from your Galaxy Z Fold5 to your PC? Quick Share makes it easy and, true to its name, quick. No need to send yourself an email or carry a thumb drive. All you have to do is select a photo, video or document on your smartphone, tap Share, select Quick Share and find your PC, then accept the transfer on your PC. This is particularly helpful when you’ve started a document on your phone, for instance, and want to continue working on it on your PC. It works vice versa, too, from your PC to your phone: Just open the Quick Share desktop app, and drag and drop what you want to transfer onto your phone.

Microsoft account

Samsung and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership that has allowed both parties’ apps and features to be fully optimized and synced across your Galaxy devices. Your Microsoft account is the main hub for syncing between your PC and Galaxy Z Fold5. Log in on both devices to access Word, PowerPoint and Excel files as well as sync Samsung Notes with Microsoft OneNote.

The new dual monitor setup

If you have a multi-monitor setup at work, you might feel like your productivity is limited when you’re traveling with just your laptop and phone. But with Galaxy Z Fold5, you have a mobile device that’s more like a PC than a phone. Use Galaxy Z Fold5 in tablet mode — or self-standing Flex Mode — as a second monitor propped up next to your Galaxy Book. Now you have a dual monitor setup available for full productivity on a plane, train, in a cafe, or in your hotel room.

Galaxy Z Fold5 + Galaxy Buds + Galaxy Book

Whether you’re chatting with a colleague, joining a videoconference or zoning in to get some work done, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Buds2 Pro deliver crisp and clear audio. The first step is to pair your Buds with your Galaxy Z Fold5 through the Galaxy Wearable app by holding your Buds next to your phone, with the charging case lid open and Buds inside until you see the pairing prompt. Or, you can go to Settings, tap Connections > Bluetooth, and select your Buds. Follow the initial setup prompts, then take it a few steps further with these convenient features:

Touch controls

Galaxy Buds give you extensive customization options from your Galaxy Z Fold5 when you go into Touch controls. Here, you can choose which functions occur when you tap, double tap, triple tap or touch and hold one of your Buds. For example, you can set your left bud to enable active noise-canceling and your right bud to ambient sound when you touch and hold either Bud. Either of these features can help you block out background distractions while you’re trying to focus. Explore various Touch controls to set your preferred shortcuts.

Home screen widget

You can also control your Galaxy Buds2 or Galaxy Buds2 Pro on your Galaxy Z Fold5 with the Buds widget on your home screen. Tap any empty area on the home screen, tap Widgets, then swipe up to access and add the widget. You’ll see Noise controls, Touch controls, and battery charge for both Buds and the charging case.

Auto Switch

To see (and hear) your Galaxy Buds working in perfect harmony with your Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Book, enable Auto Switch. This will allow you to switch audio output from one device to the next without lifting a finger.

Once you’ve paired your Buds with your smartphone, pair your Buds with your PC. It’s again as easy as holding your Buds next to your PC (in their charging case with the lid open) for several seconds until the prompt pops up to pair via Bluetooth. Then, go into the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and enable Seamless Earbud Connection. You’re now ready to automatically switch from phone calls to videoconferences to YouTube or music, with no tapping or toggling necessary.

Add the Galaxy Tab S9

Alongside your Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Book, or both, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 gives you even more room for productivity on a large screen and advanced display. Galaxy Tab S9 is extremely versatile, whether as a complement or alternate to a PC. Use it as a second screen to your Galaxy Book and switch your Galaxy Buds seamlessly between your Galaxy Book, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Galaxy Tab S9 for phone calls and videoconferences. However you choose to add the Tab S9 to your workflow, you’ll have a truly premium tablet that you can take everywhere to get work done anywhere.

Galaxy Z Fold5 + Galaxy Watch + Galaxy Buds

Busy entrepreneurs and particularly small and midsize business (SMB) owners can benefit from a smartwatch, like the new Galaxy Watch6 or Galaxy Watch6 Classic, that offers all sorts of ways to save time, enhance productivity, and maintain work-life balance. Wherever your workplace may be on any given day — and everywhere in between — Galaxy Watch can add a new dimension to your work suite. With Galaxy Watch6 or Watch6 Classic, you can:

Stay connected

When you turn on your Galaxy Watch for the first time, it will take you through the steps to pair the watch with your Galaxy Z Fold5 through the Galaxy Wearable app. Once they’re connected, your apps will sync through your Samsung account. Any incoming calls, texts, and emails will appear on your Galaxy Watch, so you don’t need to unlock your phone. You can also answer right from your watch, such as by tapping the watch to pick up a call, sending a short default text response or, with your Buds synced, responding to a message with voice-to-text.

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… Or disconnected

Sometimes, it’s better not to be so connected, like when you’re in a meeting, or when you just want to hunker down to complete a task without distractions. Consider tapping into either Do Not Disturb or Theater Mode. Do Not Disturb mutes all notifications. Theater Mode mutes all notifications and deactivates the display. You can access either mode in your watch’s Quick settings panel, by swiping down from the top of the watch screen.

Streamline your workday

Set up your Galaxy Watch to strategically streamline your workday based on how you work. Some people prefer to receive all their notifications on their watch, while others prefer just the essentials. Either way, you’ll have the ability to quickly respond to calls and texts, switch audio seamlessly with your Galaxy Buds on Auto Switch and reduce the number of times you cut into your productivity to check your phone throughout the day.

Go phoneless

When it’s time to wrap up the workday and go for a workout, you can leave your Galaxy Z Fold5 at home, thanks to your Galaxy Watch and Buds. Play your favorite music, track your workout goals, and still be reachable in case something urgent pops up at work. Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic are packed with fitness and wellness features, including personalized heart rate zones, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, always-on heart monitoring, and more.

With your Galaxy ecosystem fully assembled, you’ll have everything you need to be your most productive and motivated self. Your Galaxy Z Fold5 can even charge your Galaxy Buds and Watch through Wireless PowerShare. All your Galaxy devices also have SmartThings Find to help you locate a lost device (even a single Bud). When everything works together, your busy days are that much easier.

Unfold next-level productivity for your business with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 today. And see how much your company could save by replacing legacy tech with foldables using this simple cost calculator.

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