The power of the S Pen is one of the most noteworthy features on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5. Sold separately, the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro add precision, versatility and mobile productivity for business users. And with Galaxy Z Fold5’s expansive, 7.6-inch foldable tablet display, you have plenty of room to get the most out of the S Pen experience. Galaxy Z Fold5 and its S Pen case are also both slimmer than the previous generation, giving you more power with less pocket weight. Use the S Pen on Galaxy Z Fold5 to do any and all of the following:

1. Take handwritten notes

For many people, writing by hand helps reinforce memory, and it often feels more fluid and natural than typing. With the S Pen, the familiar feel of pen on paper meets the computing power of Galaxy Z Fold5. Flex the phone, place it on your desk and use Multi-Active Windows to write in the Samsung Notes or newly optimized GoodNotes app while you’re on a video call. The S Pen for Galaxy Z Fold5 has a soft tip and spring to reduce the impact on the display, and it senses 4,096 levels of pressure, so you can get right to writing — precisely and without latency.

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2. Annotate PDFs

Collaborating and versioning are seamless when you use the S Pen to mark up documents. And while you’re working in Samsung Notes, you can open PDFs without having to download them separately through a third-party app. When you’re finished with your markup, save and share it in a couple of clicks. You and your team can take a document from first draft to final draft, remotely, without any messy emails or printouts. This functionality also makes it easy to capture, convert and share information from background resources as you compile a presentation or proposal.

3. Show your creative side

Many creative professionals are using tablets as sketchbooks, with a stylus as their preferred drawing instrument. From fashion and entertainment to architecture, interior design, graphic design and marketing, the Galaxy Z Fold5 and S Pen combo is made for creativity. Even business professionals who don’t usually doodle will find inspiration in a blank canvas to brainstorm and bring ideas to life by hand. Capture, store and share your creations digitally with just a few taps.

4. Write emails by hand

Whether you’re working in Samsung Notes or composing an email, you can use your S Pen to handwrite a message and instantly convert it to text. Rather than tapping the keyboard, you have the more intuitive stylus to take quick notes — which the device’s AI capabilities will digitize. On Galaxy Z Fold5, the S Pen can be used to convert handwriting to text whether the device is in Flex Mode or laid flat, on a tabletop or in the palm of your hand.

5. Access a one-tap toolbar

The S Pen goes beyond writing and drawing, into a world of features that can reduce the number of steps required for common tasks. One of the simplest S Pen productivity tips allows you to access its toolbar, known as Air Command, with one motion. With your S Pen in hand, swipe up from the bottom of the display and the Air Command menu will pop up. Here you can choose the perfect option for the task at hand, be it note-taking, language translation or Smart Select to grab, move and share on-screen text or images.

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6. Work with precision

Galaxy Z Fold5 has PC-like capabilities, including Multi-Active Window, an Edge Panel, an additional taskbar that’s always visible and seamless drag-and-drop functionality. The S Pen complements and enhances Galaxy Z Fold5’s innovative user experience by helping you hit every button, resize every window, organize your apps and complete each task successfully on the first try. Use your S Pen to tap your way through the workday and take advantage of all that Galaxy Z Fold5 has to offer, while keeping your screen clean.

7. Use the S Pen as a remote control

Built-in Bluetooth turns the S Pen Pro into a remote control, allowing you to take photos, move slides, play music and more with a quick tap of the pen’s control button. The S Pen Pro charges via USB-C and on a full battery lasts up to 20 days between charges. Its size — slightly bigger than the S Pen Fold Edition — allows for a more comfortable grip, while remaining sleek and lightweight.

Galaxy Z Fold5 unfolds next-level productivity, while the S Pen rewrites the definition of efficiency. Using them in tandem allows you to be more flexible in how and where you get work done.

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