Look around the office of an average business long enough and you’re bound to find them: drawers or even boxes filled with mobile devices, cast aside when the office upgraded to newer technology.

Besides the wasted space, these mobile devices also represent a huge missed opportunity in optimizing the cost of a mobile upgrade. When you forgo phone trade-ins, your business is effectively sitting on uncashed checks.

Critical elements of a great phone trade-in program

With the Samsung Business trade-in program, you’re really trading “up” your old mobile devices, accelerating your path to the latest in the Galaxy ecosystem.

We developed this program in part because it reflects the way many companies prefer to access mobile technology. Companies are increasingly making their smartphone purchases directly from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, consumer sales have seen an uptick in online purchases during the past few years due in part to the pandemic.

We also know that the best customer experience for phone trade-ins is one that prioritizes simplicity, choice and value — all of which are built into the Samsung Business trade-in program. Here’s how the program offers a seamless journey to getting the Galaxy devices that could transform your operations:


Businesses of all sizes often have the same initial question: How much can we save?

The first step of the trade-in program begins with selecting the devices you want and identifying the devices you have, at which point you’ll get an estimate of your trade-in value before you decide to purchase. And it’s not just older Samsung devices that are eligible for trade-in; iPhones and Android devices from Google, LG, Motorola and Microsoft are also eligible. You can compare our latest trade-in values here.

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Once you’ve checked that your devices are eligible for trade-in, purchased your new devices and prepared your trade-ins (by transferring their data and performing a factory reset, for example), all that’s left to do is print a return label and ship them to Samsung. Once Samsung has received the devices and verified their condition, your trade-in credit will be applied within a week.


Samsung Business understands that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have ever-changing needs. That often means they accumulate a variety of devices as they upgrade to the latest and greatest. That’s why our trade-in program allows you to trade in mismatched devices, such as a tablet for a smartphone, or a smartphone for a tablet. You can find additional Samsung trade-in offers at the bottom of the program webpage. Your company is can often receive enhanced trade-in value on select devices when upgrading to the latest Galaxy devices.

Choose the right phone for your growing business

We also offer choice in terms of how you want to communicate with our team. For the ultimate in speed and convenience, you can manage the entire process online. This includes an online chat function for you to reach out with any last-minute questions or support needs. We also have a traditional toll-free number (1-866-SAM4BIZ) you can call to talk to our SMB team and have them walk you through your trade-ins or your financing options.


A business trade-in program should have the same benefits of wholesale orders, like bulk pricing, free shipping and seasonal flash sales. The more you buy, the more you should save. Samsung offers volume discounts, and some organizations may also qualify for tax exemption status.

Choose the right phone for your growing business

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You also get access to Samsung Business Financing, a low to no fee business line of credit with terms from Net 30 up to 12 months. Financing is managed through an online portal, so you have easy access to your available credit, invoices and current balance.

When you combine Samsung Business Financing with volume discounts and our phone trade-in program, your business can capitalize on the best of Galaxy mobile devices like never before.

To learn more about Samsung Business or view current offers, please visit the Samsung business offers page.

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