Quickly customize your interactive classroom whiteboard on Samsung Interactive Pro by following these easy steps.

  1. Open the toolbar. Tap the upward-pointing arrow icon at the bottom of the display to bring up the toolbar.
  2. Access the menu. On the right side of the toolbar, click the menu icon, represented by three horizontal lines.
  3. Select forms. From the menu, choose “Forms.”
  4. Access existing forms. From the available options, tap the form you want to select, then click “apply” to open.
  5. Add your own form. To add your own custom form, click “Add,” then the source (USB, network drive or other) and the JPEG or PNG file form you want.
  6. View your new form. On the “Forms” page, find your new file. It will remain there until deleted.

That’s all there is to it. Now you can easily change or add forms to improve your interactive experience using Samsung Interactive Pro.

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Connect and collaborate anywhere using Samsung interactive displays

Samsung interactive displays transform collaboration and communication, making them ideal for classrooms and elsewhere. Here’s how.

Versatile and adaptive application

Interactive displays adapt easily to a number of environments, from meeting rooms to classrooms. They transform any space into a hub for collaboration and communication, thanks to a wide range of features to support interactivity and diverse needs.

Collaboration without borders

Connect and share ideas in a boundless, shared space. Samsung Interactive Pro connects all team members regardless of device and location. This brings more voices to the table on more equal terms, be they in-person, hybrid or remote.

Simplified deployment and management

Samsung interactive displays are straightforward to set up and integrate securely with existing systems. You can also manage your displays remotely via Samsung Remote Management Solution. The intuitive interface mirrors that of the display, making management even easier. Numerous options are available to customize it further.

Enhanced and augmented interactions

Collaborate in real time with up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints, allowing large groups to work easily together on a single device. Pen-to-paper-like writing and image-editing tools allow users to annotate and edit content dynamically. Alternatively, students and employees can engage with the display remotely via their own personal devices through secure, wireless connections.

Customizable experience

Leverage the extensive network of Samsung partners, including Cisco, Logitech and Boxlight to craft solutions tailored to specific needs, be it Cisco’s intelligent videoconferencing platform or Boxlight’s MimioConnect Blended Learning Platform. Portable rolling stands open more potential spaces for virtual collaboration hubs, increasing flexibility.

Secure digital environment

Samsung integrates its Knox security platform into every interactive display, helping protect and secure all the displays on your network. Samsung Remote Management Solution builds on this by allowing IT managers to monitor the health of interactive displays and maintain a high level of operation and security. Furthermore, over-the-network firmware upgrades provide ongoing support.

Innovation for success

Samsung intelligent displays and touchscreen signage seamlessly transform classrooms and meeting spaces, boosting the inclusion of all who participate from any location. With more engagement comes more productivity — and success.

Discover all the options you have to choose from for a Samsung interactive display and turn any space into a collaboration or communication hub.

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