Businesses of all kinds can benefit hugely, and in multiple ways, from the use of LED video walls. Properly positioned and installed, and with both the hardware and the content properly managed, an LED video wall can communicate in the most direct and easy-to-understand manner possible. Their popularity with numerous business types, from fast-food franchises and airport retailers to hospitals and federal buildings, is easy to understand.

Some businesses might aspire to the simple, effective powers of communication an LED video wall delivers but assume the level of investment that’s required is out of their reach. However, this is not automatically the case — as there are some extraordinarily cost-effective solutions that can bring the potency of video wall technology within the reach of new and/or modestly sized businesses. And keeping investment to a realistic level doesn’t mean any cutting of corners where performance or longevity is concerned.

Speed and simplicity

The Samsung All-in-One IAC LED display is a complete solution that’s designed to start repaying your investment right out of the box. Not only does $38,000–$46,000 buy a big, flawlessly made display with a high-definition 1920×1080 resolution and exceptional image quality, but it also secures a buying, installing and operating experience that’s as straightforward and efficient as can be.

Everything that’s required is right there in the box: wall brackets, speakers, décor bezels and an integrated control box are all included. Remarkable Quick Build technology from Samsung offers dramatically simplified installation, so in as little as two hours you can go from taking delivery of your video wall to enjoying its exceptional image quality — the 130-inch display can be securely positioned in next-to-no time, and the integrated control box takes all of the pain out of setup and calibration.

The choice is yours

Of course, the Samsung All-In-One IAC LED is designed to be more than just quick and easy to install. Thanks to 500 nits of brightness, a tight 1.5mm pixel pitch and the LED HDR feature (which uses the Samsung Dynamic Peaking technology to analyze content in real time in order to maximize performance, while simultaneously managing power consumption), the low-noise, high-detail image quality is every bit as impressive.

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At the other end of the scale, The Wall and The Wall All-In-One from Samsung represent the current state of the art. For the All-in-One, there are three models to choose from: 110-inch 2K ($79,999), 146-inch 2K ($105,999) and 146-inch 4K ($219,999) — your preference for size and resolution will determine which model is best for your business. But no matter which you select, all the installation and ease-of-use benefits of the All-In-One IAC LED are all present here, too — and the additional outlay buys quite startling image fidelity. Samsung Black Seal technology ensures deep, uniform black tones and unparalleled contrasts, while its Ultra Chroma technology guarantees precise, vibrant colors.

And reasons to give proper consideration to a Samsung LED video wall extend well beyond their winning combination of convenience and performance. There are additional costs to ponder when considering an LED video wall, after all — and when these are taken into account, those suspiciously affordable alternatives start to look like the falsest of economies.

No hidden costs

Some of those additional costs include the initial installation and maintenance costs during the life of ownership. For example, for the All-in-One AIC, the price to install is between $2,000–$3,000, and the calibration and maintenance costs are approximately $1,000.

The fact that a Samsung LED video wall is designed for longevity and minimal maintenance, for low operating costs and lower energy consumption, means its post-purchase costs are negligible by comparison to its nominal alternatives. The advanced proven technologies and uncompromised engineering that go into a Samsung LED video wall panel means class-leading durability and image quality that won’t degrade over time. The company’s confidence is evidenced by the standard three-year warranty, which can be easily and affordably upgraded for additional years of parts and labor cover.

While the applications for a Samsung video wall are very diverse, the experience for their owners is ultimately extremely similar. Investing in a Samsung video wall is an exciting and engaging experience for clients or customers and a pain- and stress-free experience for the owner. A Samsung video wall may take only a few hours to install and set up, but it’s designed to offer tangible business benefits for years to come.

Discover the All-in-One LED IAC display, and enjoy its brilliant performance. And get your video wall project underway, or upgrade your existing system, with this free white paper.

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