Meet the Galaxy Tab Active5: A device built to keep up with your workday

When customers walk into a store, associates should have everything they need at their fingertips to provide a great experience. They should be able to guide customers toward the products they’re looking for as quickly as possible and improve the experience.

Depending on customers’ interests, your frontline team should also be able to recommend accessories or complementary items. Most importantly, the ideal experience should streamline the process for customers so they can focus on enjoying what they’ve purchased.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 is now available — marking the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s Tab Active devices — and was designed with exactly these kinds of scenarios in mind. Its features and functionality deliver benefits across the workplace ecosystem, from customers and employees to the entire workforce operation.

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Securely deployed and managed with Enterprise Edition

The Galaxy Tab Active5 is sold as an Enterprise Edition in the U.S., making it business-ready out of the box. It comes with one year of complimentary Knox Suite to provide businesses with tools to secure, deploy, manage and analyze devices throughout their lifecycle. It also features extensive security support with up to five years of security maintenance releases, offering an extra layer of protection from mobile security threats, as well as consistent Android and Samsung security patch updates and maintenance reports. Additionally, Enterprise Edition ensures business continuity for customers with a three-year product lifecycle support plan for Galaxy Tab Active5 devices, including one extra year of warranty on top of the basic warranty offered.

A durable design

Made for demanding environments that span everywhere from a retail store’s floor to the warehouse, the Galaxy Tab Active5 is durable and water-resistant. If employees accidentally drop their tablet, for example, it can absorb the shocks even when dropped from a height of 1.5 meters — and 1.8 meters with a protective case — because it is compliant with strict military-grade standards such as MIL-STD-810H. It can also be safely sanitized and packs a long-lasting battery that keeps the workflow going.

Beyond that, the Galaxy Tab Active5 supports some of the most common goals retailers and frontline workers are pursuing right now.

Increased productivity through unified barcode scanning

That series of black vertical lines on the back of almost every product is integral to everyday business processes. This includes checking prices on a customer’s behalf, dealing with returns or re-orders inside of a factory and confirming whether more stock is available. No wonder 80% of retailers believe consumers would switch stores if barcode and QR code scanning wasn’t readily available.

The Galaxy Tab Active5 makes this process simple. Hotkeys allow employees to turn their tablet into a scanner, where bar codes are captured by the on-device camera.

Quick and convenient mobile checkouts

Customers want to spend their time enjoying the product selection and making the perfect choice of what to purchase. No one wants to linger at the checkout, waiting through a long lineup.

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They are also increasingly interested in an alternative to fumbling in their wallets for cash and change. There’s greater convenience and security in handling everyday transactions digitally. This is probably why Juniper Research forecasts that the number of unique contactless mobile payment users will hit 1 billion by 2024.

Mobile devices have traditionally required additional hardware, such as card readers, to handle contactless payments. Thanks to onboard near-field communications (NFC) technology, however, the Tab Active5 lets workers turn tablets into a mobile point of sale (mPOS) right out of the box. If transactions are more complex, the Tab Active5 can be connected to a full-featured POS station.

Easy-to-learn technology to build an engaged, empowered workforce

In retail, for example, the sector is set to generate more than 560,000 job openings each year between now and 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Filling those roles is going to be tough, given that working in retail has been ranked lowest in an analysis of 190 jobs.

Research from McKinsey has suggested the biggest reason frontline retail workers quit is a lack of flexibility. This not only includes scheduling but a lack of control over how work gets done.

Empowering employees begins by providing them with familiar tools that they can quickly apply to everyday tasks. The Tab Active5 builds off of the same design that Samsung uses in tablets that many workers use in their personal lives. That means they won’t face a steep learning curve when they’re given their new work device. The Tab Active5 also launched with the latest Android OS (version 14) and will be upgradable over the years to stay on par with the latest devices and keep the OS and applications safe and secure.

The Tab Active5 pairs this consumer-level usability with enterprise sophistication and security. Employees benefit from a sensitive touchscreen they can use in outdoor environments or with gloves, for example, or they can even deploy the S Pen when they need to take handwritten notes or have customers sign a document. Behind the scenes, though, the Tab Active5 benefits from a rich partner ecosystem of software and hardware integrations. It also includes the built-in protection of Samsung Knox security to keep retail data safe at all times.

There’s just as much opportunity for employees who work in other areas. Warehouse staff benefit from the Tab Active5’s ability to act as a walkie-talkie, and they can swap out the replaceable battery when work takes longer than expected.

Digital transformation is bound to continue in 2024 and beyond — and the Tab Active5 is the ideal device as it unfolds.

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