Communication is key to every business conversation, task and transaction. When business crosses borders, whether virtually or in person, a language barrier can impede communication or, worse, create a miscommunication.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to break down language barriers — after all, the leading AI tools are built on large language models that can understand, interpret and generate human-like text across many languages and contexts. Introduced at the January 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung’s new Galaxy AI is leading the way in bringing AI-powered, near-real-time translation to business-ready mobile devices in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. The Live Translate feature on the S24 Series is already making a big impact in many ways.

Live Translate at a glance

Before exploring specific use cases for AI translation on the Galaxy S24 Series, it’s helpful to understand how the new Live Translate feature works. Live Translate automatically translates voice calls and text messages as they are taking place. On a phone call, translations come through both audibly and on-screen after each person speaks. In text messages, translations are shown below each sent and received message.

For example, if you’re in a meeting with colleagues or clients who don’t speak the same language, simply pull up Live Translate on your S24 Series device to translate and communicate seamlessly.

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Live Translate debuted in Galaxy S24 devices with native call and message app support for 13 languages. Learn how to quickly enable Live Translate before a phone call or during a text message exchange on the Galaxy S24, S24+ or S24 Ultra. The feature remembers the preferred language settings for each contact after the initial setup for that contact.

Retail customer assistance

Live Translate is easy and reliable to use in conversation — that’s what makes it so powerful. The ability to translate from one language to another isn’t necessarily all that new on the internet, but the ability to do so in near real time, with minimal manual input, on a mobile device, is truly game-changing for many industries and functions.

For example, in retail, language barriers can make it difficult for customer service representatives to assist retail customers with questions or troubleshooting. With either or both a rep and customer using AI translation during a voice call, the conversation can go smoothly regardless of the different languages being spoken. The result is likely a better experience for the customer and increased loyalty for the brand. In retail and even hospitality, Live Translate can also enhance inbound phone order and reservation handling, deliveries, and just about any touch point along the communication chain.

Professional services

Financial professionals, such as advisors, bankers and investment analysts, often engage with a global clientele. In these arenas, Live Translate can help ensure complex terminology and nuances are accurately conveyed and understood by all parties. This capability not only streamlines the consultation process but also instills confidence in clients who may prefer to communicate in their native language. In an industry where timely and accurate information is crucial, Galaxy AI’s ability to convert spoken and written language on the spot can also expedite cross-border transactions and negotiations.

Field technicians can benefit from Live Translate as well. With the feature enabled, they can provide clear communication on-site with customers, while breaking through any language barriers as part of a mobile-first experience.

Business travel

For business travelers, Live Translate is like having a personal interpreter in your pocket. Imagine you’re in a taxi heading to a crucial meeting in a country where you don’t speak the language. With Live Translate, you can effortlessly communicate with your driver while in the car to confirm your destination or make last-minute changes to your route, ensuring you arrive on time and stress-free. Or picture trying to coordinate a meeting spot with a local business partner via text. Language differences could easily lead to confusion and delays, but with Live Translate, your messages are instantly translated, allowing for clear, effective communication. AI translation ensures logistical details are ironed out swiftly, leaving more time for what’s important: your business objectives and working relationships.

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Internal collaboration

Internal collaboration is pivotal for the success of any organization, especially for those operating across international locations. With teams often working in silos due to language differences, Live Translate can bring an entirely new dimension of collaboration to a company.

For example, consider a scenario where a project team in Japan needs to discuss the specifications of a new product with their counterparts in Germany. With Live Translate, they can conduct phone meetings and exchange text messages in Japanese and German, respectively, while the back-and-forth is accurately translated instantly.

For another example, say a quick consensus is needed between teams in Brazil and France before engaging a service provider. Live Translate can facilitate real-time text exchanges or conference calls, enabling each party to contribute in their native language. This can speed up the decision-making process while creating a virtual space where every opinion is heard and valued, fostering diversity and inclusion within the organization.

New opportunities, stronger relationships

At the end of the day, business revolves around opportunities, and opportunities stem from relationships. Until now, opportunities and relationships alike have been somewhat limited to situations where people speak the same language. With the Live Translate feature on the Galaxy S24 Series, the whole world opens up for leaders, colleagues, prospects, clients, vendors and industry partners from diverse locales and cultures to communicate more seamlessly.

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