Finding solutions for company needs, goals and challenges starts with asking the right questions. That’s particularly true when it comes to improving collaboration, communication and presentation — and tapping into new technology that can help. 

With that in mind, office designers, managers and CEOs alike are looking to video wall displays. Samsung video walls offer an array of tools to elevate your business in a wide range of ways. But choosing the right model for you requires careful consideration of several key questions.

Where is the best spot for your video wall?

Viewing distance should rank high among your considerations for a video wall. If viewers sit too close or too far away, the display may not be as effective. To determine the ideal distance, start your calculations with the size of the display. Samsung suggests a viewing distance of four times the diagonal length of the screen itself — so if that’s not achievable, consider a smaller model.

Room shape and layout also matter. If the space where the video wall needs to be is irregularly shaped, there is a solution available. The Wall by Samsung, for instance, can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and even be configured to curve around pillars.

Pixel pitch — the density of pixels — is another important consideration in placing a display. For relatively near-field applications, such as an office or a boardroom, a fine-pitch LED display is almost certainly the best choice. One good example is the Samsung All-in-One IAC LED display, which has a pixel pitch of 1.5mm. This means images will remain crisp, clear and detailed even when viewed from the minimum advisable distance.

How much do you want to invest, and what does that include?

The price tag on a video wall doesn’t always indicate the end of the investment. Mounting, operating and customizing can add many more dollars to the total, as can poor-quality design and materials. Indeed, trying to save money in the short run may create greater costs in the long term, owing to regular repair and short lifespans.

That’s why it’s worth investing in a video wall that includes the best in features, design and material. For example, in addition to delivering crisp, high-definition images that are vibrant, detailed and high-contrast,  The Wall All-in-One display from Samsung comes with almost everything you need, including an integrated control box, speakers, wall brackets, bezels and more. It can go from the box to your conference room video wall in a matter of hours.

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What content do you want to display?

Getting the most out of your video wall also depends on what content you plan to display. This could be anything from new product designs, graphics-led presentations and text-heavy explainers to virtual meetings with remote employees and digital eye candy for customers. No matter your plan, you’ll want to create a memorable moment to illuminate the value of your business.

This makes versatility a virtue, and the more types of content you can confidently display increases your ability to achieve your goals across any industry, including retail, automotive, federal, hospitality, corporate and healthcare. Remote management with platforms such as the Samsung VXT content management system (CMS) enhances flexibility, too, by letting you maintain the high performance of the video wall from almost anywhere.

What technologies are most important to include?

When considering a video wall, you’ll want to specify which cutting-edge technologies you need to deliver the desired effect. Perhaps it’s colorful graphic displays, microphones and cameras for virtual meetings, remote management options, HDR-driven image quality or an AI processor — there’s no shortage of options.

A few technologies special to The Wall include Black Seal Technology, which delivers deep and detailed black tones; Ultra Chroma Technology for colors two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs; and a Neural Quantum Processor to instantly analyze and optimize picture quality by enhancing contrast and removing noise.

How will you protect and maintain your video wall?

To get the best out of your video wall, you first have to make sure it’s functioning properly. Here again, the quality of materials and design matter. Samsung video walls feature shock-resistant technology to keep them durable and dependable despite any day-to-day impacts. They are also supported by a team of experts who can offer guidance whenever and wherever it’s required. The Samsung ProCare Device Protection plan ensures any damage or issues are repaired quickly — before they become unrepairable and impact your ability to conduct business.

How will you manage your display?

Managing your video wall’s content should be as straightforward as possible, and installing the right software is paramount.  

Fortunately, the Samsung VXT CMS can achieve just that. Not only does VXT help develop and manage content — thanks to its intuitively designed interface and easy-to-use content creator — but it also comes with real-time remote access. This lets you use the display safely and securely, at any time, and monitor operations and error notifications from afar — a boon for IT teams everywhere.

Samsung answers

Every business solution needs to tick as many boxes as possible, and Samsung video walls check more than most. That said, matching the right one to your business needs means asking — and answering — key questions. If you do, you can be sure the return will far exceed the investment. 

Learn more about creating high-impact visuals indoors and outdoors with an LED video wall and how to use it to enhance teamwork and productivity.

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