When your mobile device breaks, there’s no better news than hearing it’s not only fixable but that the repairs will happen quickly.

The feeling of relief is arguably even more palpable if you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) owner.

Instead of having to explain to customers that you missed their messages, for example, you can respond to them in a timely fashion. Rather than be cut off from essential applications that keep your company running, you can get back to work without missing a beat. An accident that might have ruined your entire week is suddenly a lot less of a nightmare.

The business case for a mobile device protection plan

Knowing you have dedicated support in place is critical for SMBs — not only for mobile devices but also for business laptops, tablets or wearables. After all, SMBs use an average of more than seven mobile apps to help run their businesses. As devices like the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Book4 Series become more sophisticated with AI capabilities, SMBs will rely on them even more.

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This means that when a device breaks, it can cause a lot of lost productivity, make it harder to collaborate with team members and even jeopardize customer relationships.

Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re evaluating dedicated support options for mobile devices to ensure you can breathe easy when the unexpected happens:

1. Total protection is not only possible but essential

Your mobile devices can go through a lot over the course of an average workday, and the potential for damage is high.

A phone can be dropped while traveling to and from customer appointments, cracking or shattering the screen. Vehicles might accidentally run over a device that falls out of a pocket. In some cases, devices might simply get lost or stolen.

Premium protection plans like Samsung Care+ for Business were designed with all these scenarios in mind. This includes coverage on top of a one-year or even extended three-year warranty that addresses mechanical or electrical failures and guarantees devices will work as commercially intended.

Whether you encounter everyday mishaps with your devices or more serious issues, Care+ for Business means you’re not going to be out of pocket buying new devices.

2. Claims processing should be hassle-free

Stress levels can run high when a device breaks. It’s not a moment you want to start worrying about deductibles and shipping costs.

That’s why Samsung Care+ for Business doesn’t charge deductibles or for sending products in for repair. Our team can send a shipping label and can be easily reached to answer any urgent questions. Options like Advanced Exchange even allow you to get a replacement device while the broken product is being repaired.

3. You should always know what’s going on with your claim

Depending on how many people you employ, you may have more than one mobile device being repaired at a time. Keeping track of those claims and their statuses can be challenging when you’re relying on paper-based processes or having to follow up with a third party by phone.

This was the thinking behind the portal Samsung provides Care+ for Business customers. It’s an intuitive way to gain complete visibility into the status of every claim, designate the address where you want a repaired device shipped and more.

4. Repairs are best handled by experts with the right parts

In an emergency, it could be tempting to take a broken mobile device to a consumer repair service. The danger is they won’t be fully qualified to handle the intricacies of a specific device, and might swap in parts that aren’t of the same quality or meet the standards as those in your original device.

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The better approach is to invest in a protection plan backed by experts. Care+ for Business customers, for instance, can rest assured any repairs will be dealt with by Samsung-certified technicians using only genuine Samsung parts. Samsung also validates any partners it works with as part of Care+ for Business to meet the same standard. This means you get back a device that feels like it just came out of the box.

5. Customization is key to getting the coverage you need

Too many protection plans are one-size-fits-all. That doesn’t make sense given that no two SMBs are alike. Ideally, you can pick and choose the services that bring you the greatest peace of mind regardless of how many devices you have and how the team uses them.

Samsung’s approach with Care+ for Business speaks to this by offering a range of service packs. This allows you to continue adding or changing coverage as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Future-proofing your business with a device protection plan

It’s really not a question of whether a device protection plan is worth it or not. Most SMBs lack a dedicated IT department that can handle all the mobile device repairs and troubleshooting employees need.

SMBs also have to be highly mindful about managing their costs, and investing in a protection plan that minimizes business disruption and provides comprehensive coverage is a sound fiscal policy. If success is all about working smarter, not harder, choosing the right device protection plan is one of the smartest moves an SMB can make.

Learn more about Samsung Care+ for Business, and connect with an extended services sales expert.

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