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Live Translate: How to communicate with anyone, anywhere, in real time

Picture this: You’re speaking on the phone with someone overseas, whether a colleague, client, prospect or customer service representative. You’re mostly understanding each other, but there’s still that underlying language barrier making the conversation slightly but noticeably choppy.

Now, imagine the exchange completely differently. You and the person on the other end each speak your native language, while your mobile device translates back and forth, audibly and on-screen. With the help of AI, you’re able to communicate clearly, effortlessly and seamlessly.

That’s the power of Live Translate, one of the most impressive features of Samsung’s Galaxy AI1 available on the latest Galaxy devices, including Galaxy S24 SeriesGalaxy Z Fold5 and others. With Live Translate, you can speak foreign languages on the spot and get lost in conversation — not in translation.

How to use Live Translate

You can use Live Translate with Galaxy AI on phone calls, in messages and in person. Prior to using Live Translate for a phone call, you’ll want to set up your language, the other person’s language, and your desired voice, inflection and speaking speed for translations you receive. You can access these settings by opening the Phone app and tapping the three vertical dots (More options), followed by Settings and Live Translate. Toggle on the switch for Live Translate, then choose your preferences.

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Once your call settings are in place, you’ll simply tap Call Assist and then Live Translate when making or receiving a call. Your Galaxy AI translations will come through as the other person speaks. After the initial setup, Galaxy AI can save the preferred language settings for each contact.

For in-person conversations, swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings panel. Tap Interpreter, Continue, and OK. Select your desired languages and begin speaking, while your phone handles the interpreting.

You can also enable translating for text messages in Samsung Messages and other messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In Samsung Messages, tap the Writing Assist icon, followed by Chat Translation. Select your desired languages, and you’re all set! Once again, Galaxy AI can remember your settings for each contact.

When to use Live Translate

Of course, how and when you use Live Translate can depend on your profession, position and organization. In retail, for example, customer service reps can use Live Translate to communicate with customers in real time, no matter the language. Fluid conversation creates a better customer experience, which, in turn, helps increase customer loyalty. Live Translate can help enhance various touchpoints, including phone orders, reservations and deliveries, ensuring seamless interactions throughout the customer journey.

In professional services, Live Translate works great for financial advisors, bankers and investment analysts who consult with a global clientele. It helps streamline negotiations for high-stakes transactions. Field technicians benefit, too, as Live Translate enables clear, on-site communication with customers in a mobile-first environment.

Business travel and internal collaboration are other areas where Live Translate is enabling borderless communication in business. It’s a game-changer in any situation involving a language barrier.

Using AI to enhance your productivity

Live Translate is one of the many powerful tools comprising Galaxy AI. Note Assist organizes and formats your Samsung Notes entries, so you can pick up right where you left off with your note-taking. Chat Assist provides real-time writing suggestions, grammar corrections and tone adjustments to help you communicate more thoughtfully and effectively. Circle to Search with Google lets you launch a Google search simply by circling an image or text blog with your finger or the S Pen, while Browsing Assist summarizes the information on web pages for easy skimming.

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Galaxy AI also extends to your Galaxy smartphone’s camera system, where Generative Edit gives you a full suite of AI-assisted photo editing capabilities. Move or remove objects and fill in empty space with just a few taps. You can even capture clear content in darkness and at a distance using Nightography Zoom.

To get the most out of Galaxy AI, make sure you’re signed in to your Samsung and Google accounts on a Galaxy AI-enabled device, such as Galaxy S24 Series or Galaxy Z Fold5.

Is it safe to use AI at work?

Mobile AI is shaping the future of smart devices. Business leaders rightfully have concerns about security and privacy with AI in the workplace. As AI proliferates, so do its security features, thanks to industry leaders like Samsung. Keeping AI secure for businesses centers on having the right data security measures and architecture in place to provide both on-device and cloud protection. Samsung Knox can accomplish all of that and continuously manage it, so you and your team can use Live Translate and all the exciting features Galaxy AI has to offer with confidence and without hindrance.

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1Galaxy AI features by Samsung will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices.

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