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Good American seamlessly bridges online and in-person commerce with Samsung displays and VXT software

The Challenge

Good American, a size-inclusive and diverse fashion brand for all body types, was initially available exclusively online and in select retail spaces. As the brand prepared to open its own retail stores, it needed a signature look and feel that bridged the gap between its online presence and its new physical spaces.  

The Solution

"We needed to bring the experience shoppers get on our website to life inside a physical store."

– Misti Blasko, VP of Retail for Good American

The Results

About Good American

Good American is the first fully inclusive fashion brand that celebrates all dimensions of female power. Offering quality, style and substance in every size — 00-32 plus, the brand is committed to challenging industry norms by empowering all women to feel sexy and confident no matter their size or shape. Good American was launched in October 2016, co-founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede, what started as the largest denim launch in history, has evolved into an iconic fashion line of denim, ready-to-wear, swim, and shoes.

The Challenge

Transforming an online brand to an immersive physical retail space

Good American, an inclusive fashion brand co-founded by entrepreneurial icons Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian, was founded in 2016. Initially, its products were sold directly to consumers through its e-commerce site and at a select list of high-end department stores, including Nordstrom and Selfridges.

As the brand prepared to launch its first retail location in Los Angeles in 2023, company leaders knew they wanted to make a splash in the famous Century City. They needed to create an atmosphere that would catch discerning shoppers’ attention and help their store stand out among other clothing retailers in the shopping complex.   

“The majority of retailers we see are doing print ads in the windows,” said Misti Blasko, VP of retail for Good American. “We knew we wanted something sleeker and more engaging that better aligned with our branding.”

They also wanted to ensure the brand’s messaging resonated throughout the store, which was conceived from the ground up with shoppers’ comfort in mind. The entire space was intentionally designed for inclusivity, from more room between clothing displays to larger dressing rooms. 

“Something unique about Good American is our marketing campaigns, which showcase diversity,” Blasko emphasized. “We carry sizes from 00–32 and show our entire line on three sizes of models. We needed to bring the experience shoppers get on our website to life inside a physical store.”

The Solution

Multiple displays and VXT CMS bring the e-commerce experience to life

Good American has embraced the power of technological innovation since the brand’s inception. Because of its all-digital roots, the team understands today’s consumers not only seek exceptional products and services but also crave immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. With this in mind, they meticulously crafted the physical retail space to be a captivating fusion of technology and aesthetics powered by the VXT CMS on Samsung Direct View LED and LFD Displays.

“When it came to designing the first flagship location, we found that having the right technology was critical,” Blasko said. “Samsung’s immersive displays made it possible to showcase our inclusive size range and create touchpoints to engage with the brand throughout the store.”

As shoppers approach the store, which occupies a busy corner of the shopping center, two direct view LED displays in the front windows greet them. The screens display rotating marketing campaigns and showcase media and images that pull shoppers in and build brand awareness. Vivid imagery featuring models of various shapes, sizes and colors grace the high-resolution screens, and visitors immediately get the sense that this isn’t your typical jeans store.

Inclusivity is a critical part of Good American’s messaging. It’s important customers see advertisements with people who look like them, as it taps into psychological and sociological dynamics that influence consumer behavior. Seeing diverse representation allows shoppers to connect emotionally with a brand and its products, making them more likely to develop a sense of loyalty and affinity. This makes diversity not just a matter of representation but a strategic business imperative.

As customers enter the store, an LED ribbon showcases the brand’s best-selling product: jeans, and in a wide range of sizes and styles. A denim wall featuring Good American jeans organized by size and cut helps shoppers choose the right fit. To the right of the denim wall is a 55-inch large-format Samsung Interactive Display where shoppers can browse the Good American catalog, view seasonal looks, and learn about Good American’s jean styles and fits. 

In the dressing room area, a 98-inch vertical large-format display creates brand awareness with a digital version of co-founder Khloé Kardashian modeling Good American clothing and styles. 

“It makes customers feel like they are shopping with a trusted friend,” said Blasko. 

Creating and managing cutting-edge content on every display is fast and easy using Samsung VXT CMS, a cloud-based digital signage solution that enables users to upload and schedule content to the signage. 

“VXT requires no IT or coding knowledge, so it’s simple for anyone to create professional-level content,” said Blasko.

The Technology

Indoor Direct-View LED Signage

Samsung’s LED displays feature vivid color expression, reduced noise and a full range of grays and blacks. Multi-link HDR technology provides HDR quality content up to 8K resolution.

Samsung VXT

Samsung VXT CMS is a powerful cloud-native content and device management platform. It provides the tools and templates to deploy captivating visuals and tailored promotions, streamline display operations, and tap into new revenue streams.

Samsung VXT portal for retailers

The Results

A sleek, immersive retail space that celebrates inclusivity

Good American’s first retail space opened in June 2023, bringing to life the brand’s inclusive ethos and fun, fashionable persona in Century City. Las Vegas and Newport Beach locations followed, with plans to open more retail stores in the future. 

Digital signage throughout the Century City space attracts attention, setting Good American apart in a sea of nearby retailers. Vivid images and on-screen videos engage viewers and effectively convey the brand’s inclusive messaging, helping to connect the online and in-store experiences. Rotating displays highlight outfit combinations and seasonal trends, keeping the storefront appealing and enticing to potential customers. The visual technology resonates with Good American’s target audience, drives foot traffic and elevates the brand image.

“Instead of the static or paper campaigns seen at most retail stores, we can create tailored content, which drives brand awareness and increases sales,” said Blasko. “We can update content quarterly, monthly or even on the same day a promotion is approved — for example, during the holidays, we used the displays to inform shoppers about promotions and markdowns.”

“Samsung’s immersive displays made it possible to showcase our inclusive size range and create touchpoints to engage with the brand throughout the store.”
— Misti Blasko, VP of Retail for Good American

In large part because of its technological innovations, the Good American flagship store is a destination within a destination. It’s not unusual for fans to come inside to take photos with the “Khloé display” and then tag Khloé Kardashian and Good American on social media. 

“It’s a space people want to spend time in,” Blasko said. “The window displays help bring in foot traffic from the shopping center. The biggest benefit is the display above the denim wall. It provides such great education around size range and frees up employees’ time to provide stellar customer service.” 

As an added benefit, Samsung LED digital signage is eco-friendly, which aligns with Good American’s designation as a Certified B Corporation. LED displays boast a significantly extended lifespan compared to alternative digital displays — at least twice that of fluorescent bulbs and 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means they need to replace screens less often, which results in less landfill waste. These numbers remain consistent even when displays are in continuous operation, making LED screens ideal for businesses like Good American that require nonstop functionality. 

Additionally, LED consumes between 50% to 70% less electricity than halogen, incandescent or fluorescent alternatives, resulting in immediate cost savings. On sunny California days, the displays adjust their brightness settings to consume less energy. As a bonus, they require minimal maintenance. 

“California is very stringent about energy use, and there are regulations about this in Century Center,” Blasko explained. “Samsung digital signage helps us stay responsible as a business.”

Thanks to Samsung displays and the Samsung VXT CMS, Good American can soon manage content at additional stores remotely. For example, content at its new Las Vegas Strip location, which opened in February 2024, can be handled by the same person in the same room as the Century City locale. 

Most importantly, Good American created an immersive, brand-centric shopping experience that spotlights its commitment to inclusivity. Said Blasko: “Samsung technology is helping us empower women everywhere to feel welcome and confident when shopping.”

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