Amphitheater Uses Video Walls to Creates Ultimate Concert-Going Experience For Fans

The largest outdoor venue in Arkansas, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavillion (AMP), transformed itself from small town site into world-class entertainment destination using video walls and digital displays to enhance on-stage performances, entertain VIP lounge guests and showcase mouthwatering concession bites.

The AMP was initially a seasonal concert venue. A few years ago, the Walton Arts Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to music and performing arts in Arkansas, acquired AMP. The Walton Arts Center saw potential in the venue and designed an initiative to develop it into a top-notch amphitheater that would not only host concerts year-round, but also cultural shows, private gatherings and charity events.

“Our mission was to design and build a world-class venue that would rank in the top 100 in the nation and that would give both the audience and the artist a high-quality experience,” said Brian Crowne, general manager of operations and programming at the AMP.

For fans to enjoy concerts from every vantage point, the AMP installed two massive vertical video walls at each side of the main stage using 36 Samsung ultra-narrow bezel video wall displays. The 55-inch LED displays deliver sharp, bright, impactful messages, supporting full HD resolution for those artist close-ups.

“The artists have been very pleased that we have the Samsung video walls in place to enhance their shows and create a richer concert experience,” Crowne said.

In the VIP lounge, wait staff use Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 devices to take orders, while showcasing venue promotions and sponsored content on digital signage to keep guests engaged and up-to-date.

In concession areas, the AMP installed digital menu boards using that rotate menu offerings and pricing seamlessly.

“The Samsung smart signage displays give us the ability to quickly change menus, which provides great flexibility to try out different food items and test price points,” Crowne said. “With Samsung displays, we’re not wasting time and money reproducing static paper boards.”

The digital display renovations elevated the amphitheater from small town seasonal venue to a year-round entertainment hot spot that attracts high-profile performers who are impressed with the venue’s cutting-edge technology. The AMP successfully refined the outdoor venue experience by engaging with guests through digital display at every angle, at every event.

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