Businesses are under tremendous pressure to keep up with the ever-evolving mobile workplace, while delivering comprehensive mobile security solutions.

With an “always on” mentality in the office, the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workspaces could subject devices and company data to security vulnerabilities. Businesses must evolve, and take proactive measures to identify and neutralize security risks. As a first step, IT decision-makers need to understand what’s going on within companies to strengthen security across all channels against advanced threats, phishing attacks and malicious factors – focusing on internal security weaknesses.

“The CIO is going to have to be a lot more proactive from a security perspective and understand and ensure that security is built into everything they do,” said Sam Phillips, vice president of global enterprise security services at Samsung.

By applying the appropriate security tools and educating company employees on security protocols, BYOD workplaces can prevent potential attacks. This is where Samsung KNOX comes in. KNOX serves as a robust defense against malicious attacks, increasing security by separating work data and personal data. This secure work persona provides a safe space to conduct classified and/or proprietary projects on the same device as personal apps and family photos.

KNOX was designed as an integration between hardware and software. So, things that should be done in hardware, such as encryption and storage of keys, allow you to do that without exposing the credentials or the capabilities to outside malicious hackers,” said Phillips.

KNOX acts as a one-stop-shop for mobile enterprise security, with features like Trusted Boot and TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture that protect the integrity of the entire device.

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