As the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement gains steam, employees need the right gadgets to deliver optimal performance without desk restrictions. Not only is it important to stay connected, but having secure mobile devices on-the-go is a must. Missing an important call or email could mean missing out on business. Those moments before a 10-hour international flight are vital when important business matters require immediate response. In a recent PEW Research Center study, approximately 88 percent of smartphone owners report using email on their mobile device at least once over the course of a one-week period. This statistic demonstrates that – whether for personal or professional use – email is the most used mobile application. Furthermore, this research confirms why staying connected is vital.

Mobile devices need to elevate the productivity factor by unleashing a wealth of applications that unbox the office. Can your business really say goodbye to the cords, the desktop, the widescreen monitors? Yes, with the right mobile device, employees can have every tool they’ve grown fond of in their cubicles consolidated to a compact gadget that fits in a back pocket.

The next big thing for business, the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, couples multiple layers of defense-grade protection through Samsung Knox™ security with the powerful productivity of Microsoft Office to truly protect a user when working from almost anywhere. Crafted with applications that are designed to optimize work experiences with greater efficiency, it’s no wonder why Forbes has praised the device as a contender for one of the best smartphones of 2015. The Galaxy S 6 is more than just a visual stunner, but a functional necessity in today’s “always on” BYOD business landscape.

The Mobile Office

A global partnership between Samsung and Microsoft positions all Office programs to soon appear on future Android devices. This has been noticeably introduced on the Galaxy S 6, which comes preloaded with Microsoft Office Mobile. With the purchase of one Knox user license, companies can install the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 on up to 15 devices. Enterprises can choose the right Microsoft Office 365 bundle – Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, or Office 365 Enterprise Edition – that suits their business needs. If needed, a setup support team is also available to guide customers through step-by-step installation and maintenance.

File storage space is a must for any traditional or mobile workspace. On the Galaxy S 6, Office 365 includes all Office programs with the file storage space totaling 1 terabyte.

Cloud Convenience

One of the downfalls of a traditional office infrastructure is costly installation. The advantage of getting set up on the cloud is that it seamlessly integrates your network, so you can conduct business anywhere. Uploading to the cloud has never been easier than with OneDrive powered on the Galaxy S 6. The Microsoft-powered free cloud storage service serves as a resource center for all photos, videos and documents that’s available across all the devices used. Users can browse photos snapped from a recent vacation that were originally stored on a spare tablet, while finishing a PowerPoint presentation on the Galaxy S 6. It has the power to stay synced from anywhere, on any device.

Trusted Security for the Unboxed Office

For businesses dealing with sensitive information and resources, bundling Office 365 with Knox provides an additional layer of protection for users with security from the hardware level to the application level. Samsung Knox and Microsoft Office 365 allow users to work anywhere while separating business and personal data. Whether the device is used for business or personal, the security of sensitive company information and files won’t be compromised on the business workspace.

Better Business Communication

With WebEx and Box, documents can be shared during meetings all through the same device, the Galaxy S 6. An enterprise can exceed client demands while driving opportunity creation with intuitive workflow solutions. Offering business-ready applications that are enabled out-of-the-box only allow enterprises to enhance productivity.

Keep employees on the cusp of innovation and power your business with the superior performance of a mobile device crafted for the future. The Galaxy S 6 features applications that enhance employee output that will get you ready for the unexpected with business-class technology that’s designed for everyone. The next big thing for business is here.

To learn more about Microsoft productivity coupled with Samsung secure mobility for your enterprise, visit our resource center.

Knox is a mark for a Samsung device tested for security and is specifically configured with enterprise use in mind. For information about Samsung’s Knox device, please refer to

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