Each year, 9.2 billion tons of freight moves within the United States, thanks to nearly 3 million heavy-duty trucks, 3 million truck drivers and 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel, according to the American Trucking Associations. With those numbers, even a small efficiency gain in fleet management can pay off over the long haul.

Teletrac is a fleet management software company that provides GPS, maintenance, safety and tracking solutions for commercial vehicle fleets in 87 countries. As industry leaders, their products have long been respected, but industry leaders never rest on their laurels. Initially, Teletrac offered their Drive software on proprietary 5-inch tablets. But the locked-down devices quickly became difficult to upgrade and manage.

Teletrac’s customers have fleets of truckers traveling from state to state and even nation to nation in their vehicles. They depend on reliable tracking systems that keep them updated on detours, traffic and accidents. Their dispatchers need access to fleet logistics data to keep track of fuel consumption, driving hours, and when vehicles need to be serviced. They all needed a durable, easy-to-use device that could offer secure, consistent access to information.

After reviewing several different devices and platforms, Teletrac settled on the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 7-inch tablet running the Android™ OS. They knew drivers would appreciate the large, high-resolution display and faster processing speed. On the road, drivers can view and hear driving directions more clearly, communicate with dispatch more quickly and easily track vehicle and driving logs. The tablet can also be removed from the mount and used elsewhere during overnight stops.

With Teletrac’s Drive app, which is found in more than 250,000 vehicles around the world, drivers can communicate with dispatch, get directions and produce reports on things like driving hours and vehicle conditions. Better routing can save time and fuel, and improve customer service as well. And there is a knowledge base to guide drivers through do-it-yourself maintenance inspections to help them get back on road sooner.

Better connections with each driver and truck pays off. Trucking companies that use Teletrac have cut fuel consumption by up to 30 percent, reduced driver overtime by up to 15 percent, and boosted productivity by up to 12 percent. When you can keep drivers happy and safe, ensure their vehicles are in good condition and help dispatchers manage their numbers, your customers will be more satisfied in the long run.

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