How the Latest Mobile Technology Will Give Your Business the Edge

Like it or not, the way we do business is changing rapidly, and those organizations that don’t adapt will be left behind. One of the trends driving change is the rapid pace of technology innovation, along with a growing preference among employees for access to the latest mobile technology.

Millennials Demand the Latest Mobile Technology

This is most pronounced among the younger generation now entering the workplace. According to Deloitte, millennials — those born in the early 1980s onward — will make up around 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. For this generation, life revolves around technology. They are seemingly always connected via smartphones — and increasingly, wearables — and expect to have access to the latest and most innovative mobile technology both in their personal lives and at work.

For many employees, access to the latest mobile technologies has led to the need to support programs such as BYOD, whereby workers are allowed to use the device of their choice for work purposes. Gartner estimates that half of all companies will have mandatory BYOD policies by 2017. Providing access to the latest mobile technology is key for recruiting and retaining talented employees.

The Key to Raising Productivity

Enabling employees to use the right tools for work is essential for raising productivity and keeping it high. The younger generation is happiest using the tools that they are familiar with, and design is critical for them. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which provide more screen space and are customizable according to user preference, are ideal for providing the usability that employees desire.

It’s also important that organizations provide their employees with access to innovative and collaborative apps that are designed for use on mobile devices. Millennials in particular are used to working in a collaborative fashion. In response, organizations in many industrial sectors, including healthcare, financial services, transportation, retail, education and even government are increasingly focusing on providing users with applications designed to solve line of business challenges and raise productivity. They must also make sure that they’re providing access to internal tools such as expense reports and CRM applications so that employees can perform tasks throughout the day in the most efficient manner.

The Security Imperative

However, while using the latest mobile technologies can provide organizations with an edge in terms of productivity and the ability to attract talent, security remains top of the mind for many executives. While BYOD may provide employees with greater flexibility, organizations may be leaving themselves open to security incidents if company policy doesn’t place any restrictions on device usage. This is leading some organizations to move to a variant of BYOD in the form of a “choose your own device” policy, whereby employees can choose from a range of devices that have been officially sanctioned for use by the organization.

In this way, they can ensure that employees are using devices that support security requirements such as encryption and mobile device management software and that prevent devices from being rooted. Devices that support Samsung KNOX will not only provide access to the features and functionality that users demand, but they will also provide the organization with peace of mind regarding security.

Providing access to mobile technologies that incorporate the latest innovations will give organizations many advantages in terms of productivity and employee morale, but a balance needs to be struck between the wishes of employees and the needs of the business. Creating and enforcing a policy that ensures that only enterprise-grade devices with adequate security protections are used in the workplace will provide that balance and will deliver the desired benefits of enterprise mobility.

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