School systems across the country are seeking new ways to leverage technology to help students learn, collaborate, and develop critical-thinking skills. While there’s plenty of hardware and software available to facilitate classroom learning and student collaboration, comprehensive packages are few and far between.

Educators are turning to their trusted solution providers for help in identifying, integrating, customizing, deploying, and supporting technology learning systems. The desire for better, more well-defined solution sets continues to drive spending and keeps opportunity high for solution providers dealing in education-focused hardware, software, and cloud products.

With solution providers and school systems in mind, Samsung has created two turnkey, all-in-one learning systems. These packages, designed to be easy-to-use and affordable, couple Samsung’s new Chromebook 3 devices with select technology and content partners to create solutions that take the guesswork out of creating, implementing, and managing a soup-to-nuts digital classroom experience.

One partner is SMART Technologies, whose cloud-based SMART amp software has been bundled with Samsung’s Chromebook 3, allowing students to use their mobile devices to create and discover digital content and collaborate within an interactive workspace.

The SMART Samsung Chromebook Bundle includes 10 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 3 laptops, 60 SMART amp licenses with a one-year subscription, 10 SMART online Educator Professional Development modules, and 10 Google Device Management Console licenses.

With a reinforced, rugged design, 11-hour battery life, and a slim, lightweight form factor, the new Samsung Chromebook 3 is ideal for classroom settings. SMART amp learning software fosters collaboration and gives teachers real-time visibility into the learning process. Through an intuitive interface, students interact with content in natural, authentic ways and can move between independent and group activities with ease. Teachers can watch collaboration unfold, gauging individual student contributions, providing feedback, and gaining insights that can inform later instruction.

The Professional Development modules provide teachers with guidance on creating and navigating a SMART amp workspace, and the Web-based Google Device Management Console allows IT administrators to track assets, create user groups, install and block apps, control user access, configure network access, and customize user features.

Samsung has also partnered with McGraw Hill Education to create Samsung Classroom in a Box, a fully integrated solution designed to jump-start blended, 1:1, adaptive, and personalized digital learning for students in grades 3 through 8.

This comprehensive offering comes with 30 11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 3s, one of two core-subject teaching and learning solutions (ELA Classroom in a Box or Math Classroom in a Box), Professional Development services from McGraw Hill Education, 30 Google Device Management Console licenses, and Samsung deployment services.

The core-subject solutions are research-based, proven to enhance outcomes through a rich, standards-based digital learning experience. Each comes with 30 one-year trial subscriptions to Thrive, a digital teaching and learning solution, and 30 three-month trial subscriptions (to SRA Reading Laboratory 2.0 for ELA, to the ALEKS artificially intelligent assessment and learning system for math).

Through McGraw Hill Education’s Professional Development services, teachers receive guidance on transitioning to a digital learning curriculum, as well as tools and resources that support their teaching practices. Samsung deployment services help schools make sure their devices are set up and ready to use.

Samsung offers both bundles through solution providers serving the education vertical, a group that’s well-positioned to evangelize school districts on the benefits of Samsung Chromebook 3 prepackaged solutions vs. piecemeal technology products. These bundles aren’t either/or propositions; school districts can deploy one or both to suit their populations’ needs.

By offering the SMART Samsung Chromebook Bundle and Samsung Classroom in a Box, solution providers deliver integrated education platforms, inclusive of hardware, content, and services. They allow education customers to cut costs and streamline IT operations by leveraging existing infrastructures and avoiding the burden of selecting, deploying, managing, and supporting disparate technology systems in the classroom. Best of all, they enable enhanced classroom outcomes at a lower cost.

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