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The Digital Concierge: Tapendium Hotel Compendium Enriches Guest Experience [WHITE PAPER]

With hospitality technology on the rise, most hotel executives would agree that a digital concierge that could increase sales, decrease printing costs and improve the guest experience would be a big win for their operations. But many previous solutions have either proved too complex and expensive, or have been hijacked by guests for their own use. The Tapendium hotel compendium, a guest room tablet solution, is a digital concierge that addresses these challenges, replacing the several loose-leaf binders of options and room service menus that most guests find waiting in hotel rooms with a single, customized Samsung Galaxy tablet. The tablet is easy to update with new information and provides a sleek design, intuitive interface and built-in translation capabilities. With no cabling or back-end servers required, the system is easy to install and, since the app is locked down on the tablet through Samsung’s KNOX Customization technology, there are no other distractions for guests.

With the digital concierge, hotels can update menus and other information remotely, and offer additional services such as valet service, tour packages, and restaurant or spa reservations through the tablet, reducing the need for guests to call the front desk. An independent survey indicated that 95 percent of guests found the tablet easy to use, and 90 percent preferred the tablet to a traditional services book.

Read the solution brief below to find out how Tapendium was developed using Samsung KNOX Customization and how it’s helping hoteliers streamline their operations.

Redefining Guest Services: Tapendium and Samsung Help Hotels Improve Services, Reduce Costs and Increase Sales from Samsung Business USA

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