One of the fundamental building blocks of brand loyalty is maintaining consistency throughout the guest experience. Whether it’s the quality of service, room cleanliness or amenities available, hospitality guests want a reliable experience that aligns with their expectations. This makes it essential for hospitality brands to learn how to increase guest loyalty through consistent experiences.

Consistency can translate to customer loyalty through repeat visits and is vital for positive in-person and digital guest interactions. Consistent advertising, messaging and design allow guests to subconsciously build trust, keeping your brand top of mind when it’s time to purchase. In fact, one survey by Marq showed that brand consistency translated from 10% to more than 20% in revenue growth. Digital signage can play a key role in achieving this. Here’s how.

Digital signage bolsters consistency

Digital signage is an excellent way to bolster hotel loyalty programs with consistent brand experiences. Unlike traditional signage that can fade and fall out of style over time, LED signage allows hotels to display their logo, colors and slogans clearly and consistently. This contributes to a cohesive brand experience from start to finish.

In larger properties, such as casinos, resorts and cruise ships, LED signage at strategic points helps guests easily navigate the space. Interactive maps or directional signs can guide guests to various facilities, reducing confusion. And if the property hosts events such as festivals, conferences, and weddings, digital signage can promote these occasions and provide information about schedules, speakers and activities.

Digital signage like the Samsung Pro TV Terrace Edition is optimized for outdoor areas like pools. Inside, LED signage can be used in common areas like the lobby or behind the front desk to disseminate consistent information about checkout times, news updates, weather forecasts and local attractions. In business centers and meeting spaces, sleek monitors and interactive displays make for modern workspaces ideal for remote collaboration.

In addition to enhancing the guest experience and fostering loyalty, digital signage offers many benefits to hospitality brands in sustainability. Not only does LED signage use less energy than halogen, incandescent and fluorescent signage, but it eliminates the need for the constant printing of paper materials.

Self-service kiosks add powerful solutions

According to Zendesk, 67% of customers prefer self-service over a company representative. That means installing self-service kiosks at the front desk and strategic spots throughout a property can significantly contribute to improving the customer experience, as well as making it more consistent. Their standardized interface ensures every guest receives the same level of service and information.

Digital transformation and the guest experience

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In the lobby, Samsung Kiosks can mitigate long lines during peak check-in times, allowing guests to quickly check in, make reservations, purchase tickets, book activities and even receive room keys. They can also be programmed to promote on-site amenities and upsell services, increasing hotel revenue.

When integrated with a hotel’s property management system, kiosk data becomes a treasure trove that helps hoteliers craft personalized experiences based on guests’ individual preferences and selections. When guests feel seen and valued in this way, they are more likely to become loyal and regular patrons.

Over time, the initial investment in kiosk installation can save costs by reducing the need for additional front desk staff, minimizing operational inefficiencies. Plus, acting as a digital concierge, kiosks free up staff to focus on more complex guest needs that require high-touch interactions.

In-room screens immerse guests in brand messaging

Serving guests doesn’t have to stop once they enter their room. For instance, on-screen messaging on Samsung Hospitality TVs can greet guests by name and drive promotions like room service, hotel amenities and late check-outs. This adds a level of personalization, too, as guests can sign in to their streaming accounts and continue watching their favorite shows as if they were still at home. In luxury suites, guests can enjoy theater-level sensory immersion with The Wall All-in-One.

At Hilton Waikiki Beach, they’ve had a lot of success with Samsung TVs in their guest rooms. They recently updated the guest room TVs from 55-inch to 65-inch QLED 4K Hospitality TVs, whose Quantum HDR technology creates a true-to-life viewing experience with vibrant imagery. The larger displays have made for a more enjoyable in-room viewing experience. 

Installing and implementing these across multiple properties under a single company or brand improves consistency in the guest experience, as they’ll know what to expect in their room, regardless of where the branch is located. That, in turn, improves customer loyalty and increases brand awareness.

Cloud-based solutions up the ante on consistency

One way to keep all parts and branches of a brand on the same page — thereby driving consistency — is to put them on the same server. Cloud-based solutions make this happen. For example, with LYNK Cloud by Samsung, guests can order room service, schedule a massage and reserve a spot on a guided tour, all from their television. Then, hotels can remotely monitor device usage to unlock data and marketing insights that aid in creating the next generation of customized experiences.

When tied to a cloud-based content management system (CMS), such as MagicINFO by Samsung, digital signage can change what it displays according to data, location, time and customer behavior. This works both inside and out, too. It makes it easy to advertise promotions and special offers to potential customers, as well as showcase on-site amenities like a restaurant, golf course and spa to those inside. This boosts ancillary sales and encourages visitors to make the most of additional services — even if they aren’t staying overnight.

Consistency increases loyalty

When it comes to hospitality, consistency is the bedrock upon which customer loyalty is built. Hotels and hospitality brands can establish trust, build a positive reputation and create lasting connections with their guests by providing a consistently positive and reliable end-to-end guest journey. Embracing tools like digital signage, self-service technologies and a cloud-based CMS helps create a consistent guest experience, resulting in a loyal and satisfied customer base.

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