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How SSDs Changed the Creative Process for a Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer

Today, content creators are working with larger, higher-definition digital files than ever before, and music producers are no exception. Audio professionals operate in a world of virtual instruments, effects and high sample rates, dealing with massive data sets that need to be manipulated in real time. With this comes a need for higher capacity and improved performance from their data storage solutions.

For a professional music producer, transitioning to high-performance solid state drives (SSDs) can significantly decrease processing times for data-intensive operations and improve flexibility in the creative process.

Ken Lewis, a 16-time Grammy Award-winning music producer, songwriter, mix engineer and musician, has seen firsthand the evolution of the music production industry over the past 20 years and, more specifically, the benefits of SSDs when it comes to speed and productivity. Before SSDs, Lewis dealt with processing lag that disrupted his creative workflow. Now, Lewis — who also runs Music School Online — can sample thousands of sounds in a day and produce an additional song each week.

Watch the video below to hear more from Lewis on how SSDs are changing the way he works.

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