Although Smart TV technology has moved from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for hotels, infrastructure challenges have kept many hoteliers from adopting the latest Internet-connected models. But thanks to a new line of hospitality TVs from Samsung featuring embedded DOCSIS® modem technology, hoteliers can now implement Smart TVs in their guest rooms without the need for costly rewiring.

With a Smart Hospitality TV, hotel guests can check social media, stream music and push photos and videos from their own devices to the big screen. They can also enhance other aspects of their stay by researching area activities and even making reservations right from their TVs.

Smart TV also boosts efficiency for hoteliers by allowing them to serve up personalized content for guests, such as upcoming dinner or spa reservations, and allowing guests to check out directly from their rooms. Additionally, Smart TVs can be integrated into other smart room infrastructure to allow guests to control the lights, temperature and drapes via their remote control.

The need for complex and expensive IP/Ethernet rewiring has been a roadblock for a large majority of hotel properties in implementing Smart TVs. However, Samsung has solved that dilemma with the release of the 694 Series of Hospitality TVs, which feature an embedded DOCSIS® 3.0 cable modem, allowing hotels to deliver the benefits of Smart TV technology over existing coaxial cable infrastructure.

Learn more about how hoteliers can deliver the benefits of Smart TV without the need for costly infrastructure remodeling in the infographic below.

Are You Delivering on Guest Demands for Smart TV? from Samsung Business USA

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