The team at Austin Retina Associates focuses on eye problems — ranging from macular degeneration to retinal detachments — and they see hundreds of people a day at 14 locations in and around Central Texas. Like many healthcare organizations, they’re well aware that mobility is essential to providing the speed and service their customers expect, but they struggled to find the right device for their needs. They also had cost to consider, and while they were willing to invest to increase mobile productivity and customer service, they have to keep an eye on overhead.

“With all the decreased reimbursements we’re seeing with insurance companies, we’re constantly looking for ways to provide good care and have good technology but cut down costs at the same time,” says practice administrator Stephanie Collins.

The company had previously made the move from bulky laptops to more portable 2-in-1 devices, but they weren’t happy with the product they selected. Users had a laundry list of complaints: they were under-powered, suffered from poorly made keyboards, featured inadequate, small displays and had short battery life, lasting only 3 to 4 hours without needing a charge — and then requiring lengthy recharge times.

“We find we have to have a powerful system to run the clinics,” says IT director David Cox. “We tried going with a lesser device for the price, but we ended up having to buy more accessories — like keyboards and additional battery packs, and they still weren’t lasting until lunch.”

After dealing with under-powered and overpriced 2-in-1 devices, the team was in search of a new solution that could handle their heavy workloads and free users from their desks. For an affordable price, they needed the power and functionality of a Windows PC paired with the portability of a tablet, but not just any tablet would do. “It’s imperative that my device run Windows,” Collins says.

Greater Productivity With the TabPro S

To see how a Windows 10 2-in-1 device might increase productivity, we challenged Austin Retina to set aside their myriad other devices and try to get through their workday using only the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. The experience gave them a clear look at how the right device can have a massive impact on productivity across roles.

“The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has made our staff more productive,” says Cox. “It gives us better mobility, has better battery life, and [users] can actually carry the device around instead of being tethered to an AC adapter all day.”

More Mobility While Maintaining Windows Functionality

According to Collins, mobility is crucial for staff ducking in and out of patient rooms. “I spend all day on my tablet or cell phone answering emails, phone calls and text messages,” she says. “With the Galaxy TabPro S, I can move from office to office. Before I was just chained to my desk or my work wouldn’t get done.”

Technicians shadow physicians as they’re seeing patients, taking notes on treatments and diagnoses so that the doctor is free to fully focus on the patient. These techs then run between the medical examination room and the back of the office to check out and retrieve medication. With a device at their side, staff can automatically assign the medicine to the patient and then have them sign for it on the touchscreen when they return to the room, streamlining the process and minimizing patient wait time. Users also reported liking how lightweight and portable the devices were, enabling them to get work done in makeshift spaces or tight quarters when they’re not helping with patients.

The staff loved the sturdy and responsive track pad and keyboard that allows them to type without an on-screen keyboard eating up precious screen real estate, and — as their business is on the road to becoming a paperless environment — they liked being able to quickly remove the keyboard and have patients sign forms on the touchscreen.

Increased Battery Life

Cox was blown away by the TabPro S’ battery life, which went days without needing to charge — useful when supporting multiple locations as far as 100 miles away.

“I used that thing for three days and never had to charge it,” Cox says. “I can be on the road between remote sites. I can get a call that something is down, I can quickly pull over, use my phone as a hot spot, dial in and fix it without even being on site.”

Cox, Collins and their colleagues say that they consider the Samsung TabPro S Challenge a success and found this Windows 10 2-in-1 a valuable addition to the team.

“We found that the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has been more effective for us because it gives us the price point we can afford with the functionality of a device that costs twice as much,” Cox says. “The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is night and day better than what we have now. They’re half the price, half the weight, half the thickness, yet have all the functionality.”

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